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Well, that took a little while but here's my list of trades.

Click, perhaps.

With the exception of a handful of things, it really isn't special. I can already name the most valuable, both monetary and play:

Angelic Destiny X2

Inferno Titan

Blade Splicer

Promo Hero of Bladehold X3

Foil Serra Avatar (Urza's Saga)

Generally, I'm looking to trade to get me started on a Drana EDH deck, but specifics in the list. Let me know if any of that's cool.

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Came third in FNM tonight at my regular LGS. It was M13 draft and my third attempt at it in the paper version. Drafted a black/red creature deck with decent removal and great buffs and I scored 1-2, 2-0, 2-0. I practically handed the third game in the first match to my opponent, deciding to settle on an opening hand with only one land. Tried to gamble and it didn't pay off. Lesson learned.

EDIT: Thought I'd mention that I brought it home with Exalted and Mark of the Vampire (+2/+2 Lifelink). Added to a Vampire Nighthawk (Flying/Exalted) is just ridiculous. In one game I ended up with 48 life. I felt like a genius, mang.

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Just played another draft.

This is the deck I managed to draft.


White was obviously flowing and I got some superb removal and some very efficient beaters. Odric was a beating whenever he came down, but the Crusader where more than capable against going up against fatties. I was concerned about running just 4 blue cards, but the avens were immense and I always managed to hit my land drops.

I soundly trounced a blue/green deck in the first round, using oblivion ring on his silklash spider and generally beating him down via exhalted crusaders.

I can't remember the next round but it was another game with the odds stupidly stacked in my favour. At one time Iplayed 3 pacifism and received a blank message from him (swear filter).

Got to the final and faced a red/white deck with some good exhalted creatures.

The magic gods were with me though and I got to this position.


He was complaining about how much better his deck was and that he lost out to land screw, but I do believe we were evenly matched.

Afterwards this happened :)


So that's two straight wins, allowing me to play yet another game for free :)

I love M13.

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Strider, this is the deck I'm trying out just now: http://forums.mtgsal...1&postcount=346

The Vampire Nighthawk is amazing once you get him out. The only trouble I've found so far is against a red burn/control deck. I struggled to finish the guy and he ended up winning because he'd start to swat anything I was dropping onto the board. I've added 4 x Blackcleave Cliffs, 2 x Cavern of Souls and an assortment of red burn spells to the sideboard to see if that helps.

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I've spent about £70 on Return to Ravnica singles pre-orders already. So far:

4 x Dreadbore

4 x Slaughter games

4x Rakdos Shred Freak

4 x Rakdos's Return

Star City Games have tipped Rakdos's Return to climb to a fairly high price (it jumped $10 overnight last night) and it's a card that I want so I've secured my four for 10 euros each just in case. Knowing my luck, they'll plummet to 50p each on the 4th of October.

I just need to see what removal RtR will bring and I reckon I'm good to go. Gerry Thompson of SCG says that Zombies are likely to be very strong after the rotation, although he's brewing green/black and including Thragtusk. Ew. I'd hardly call that low-curve aggression.

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Don't do a draft a 12.30 in the morning. Otherwise you'll get to round 2 and the last game and be in a position where you can mill your opponant so that they run out of cards on their turn. What you must not do, is block and then use your own spell to pump their creature, killing the card that was going to mill them.

I won 2 boosters, but could have got at least one more :)

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This is the latest deck I put together in a draft


I thought it wasn't too bad. Could of do with at least another arbour elf, but there was opportunity to ramp and I had some decent utility creatures like slime. I also gave the ring a test, as many feel it's the best one.

The first match was very quick. I pretty much steamrollered him.

My next game was against a fast white red deck. He kept a very sketchy hand containing few low drops and one mountain.


I had some great removal and my slime killed his mountain where he pretty much gave up :)

The next round was the same, with him again keeping a sketchy hand. If he'd risked a mulligan he could have easily swamped me. But he didn't. Settling for a 4 mana goblin that he proceeded to slowly beat me down with. Before long though this happened.


Again I was sitting on great removal and just beat him down. He did some nice tricks with his burn spells, but it wasn't enough.

With that I was on to the finals.

The guy had a blue white deck with some great spells like sleep and the one that summons 2 2/2 flyers. I had a slow start, relying on my arbour elf to generate mana due to not hitting my land drops consistantly. He played sleep, but I was able to quickly stabilise.


He was initially beating me down, but Trading Post let me stabilise (it was a third pick for me, meaning two people underestimated its power in draft. And he couldn't deal with my continual life gain.

It was on the the second match. It was short and sweet. I simply had superior creatures that were pressuring him from the off. He quickly succeeded. Leaving me with 4 packs of cards for my troubles.


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Quick question: I've been offered a handful of Counterpunch commander decks for £40, which I'm informed is a decent price (well, above RRP) but apparently one card is highly sought after. Should I go for it?

Sorry, I misunderstood your question originally. It would seem that the Counterpunch Commander deck already goes for £40. I'm tempted myself now! I'll go ask my regular MtG group and feed back

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Huh, probably explains where he's getting them from. Cheers man. A little research suggests they tend to go for a little more, especially with the scavenging ooze included. I might pick up a couple to try and offset the horrific amounts I've spent on MTG so far...

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Yes, Saturday and Sunday! :) Bring them on. Selesnya is my first choice.

Just wolfing down my tea then off to Manaleak FNM. Standard or modern for us tonight.

See, our crowd always wants to draft. I'd love some Standard but no, it's draft, draft, draft. Still, I've found it to be invaluable for learning the cards in M13. :)

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My group's doing two events on Saturday, but I'm only attending the evening one.

Now, this will be my first pre-release and besides the entry cost (£22) and beer, I'm not too sure what else I should expect... until the guy who runs it told me he could easily go through spending £100+, which has me a little worried. What's the general structure of the event?

Also, I'll be going straight from an all-night birthday party. Likely not wise and I predict I'll be considerably off my already compromised game, how seriously do people take pre-releases?

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Now, this will be my first pre-release and besides the entry cost (£22) and beer, I'm not too sure what else I should expect... until the guy who runs it told me he could easily go through spending £100+, which has me a little worried. What's the general structure of the event?

£100? Not sure how at a one pre release. Pay your £22, build your deck out of your six boosters. Play x rounds (usually 5/6 or 7) Hopefully win some prizes.

Some people take them seriously. Well, I want to win. And don't try any of that free mulligan talk! ;)

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Yep, it'll be my first. I'm actually a little disappointed to discover that, instead of getting six boosters, we'll be getting five and one kinda-predetermined pack (each guild booster has an allocated rare, the guild leader I think?*) but it should be a decent occasion.

Kinda regret picking Izzet as my guild, but at least the symbol on the D20 will be the nicest.

Edit: Ah, clarified: the only potential mythic rare in each guild booster pack is your guild leader. Nice way of keeping the chances of drawing the pricier planeswalkers down...

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I'll be playing Rakdos tomorrow! :D

Ive already ordered a load of Red/Black/Rakdos singles to go with my BR zombies but I'm really looking forward to the pre-release event. My first ever!

Have you guys seen the RtR Sealed Simulator? It'll maybe give you guys sme ideas for tomorrow. And in that note, refresh your memories with the MTG Academy sealed event 101.

Have fun guys!

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Is anyone going for some more pre-release goodness today? I am! :D

Scored 3-4 yesterday with my Rakdos deck. One of my matches was lost to the cruel hand of straight mana screw but I was delighted to come away winning three anyway. I'll be playing Golgari today and I'm really hoping to score some Lotleth Trolls for my standard deck post rotation. Our day started at 11am yesterday and went on until just before 10pm. It's hardly what you'd call gruelling since its a game but I could definitely feel the effects of 11 hours of gaming on the way home last night. And there'll be more of it today.

Can't wait. Have a great time if you're going today too.

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