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GTA:V Single-Player Thread - next-gen versions out now!


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I'd expect the ending to be harder though, the previous games had massive difficulty spikes but this was pretty easy. While I never liked those frustrating do-or-die sections, it felt more like an achievement when finally clearing it. Here it was more like - oh that was it...


Today I'm going to mop up a few of the side missions and try to steal a fighter jet and then it's really over I think.

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On 11/4/2011 at 14:23, clippa said:


GTA V looks dated, this is fact, not opinion. Anyone with eyes can fucking see this. The proper response to my observation is "aye, it does look fairly ropey like, aye, the character models do look like they stepped out of the sims, though to be fair, it's running on 6 year old hardware and they need to have a lot of blokes on screen at once"

Imagine GTA if there were no consoles. Imagine if GTA over the years had been made exclusively for constantly evolving hardware, always pushing the envelope, forever reaching. Imagine what GTA would be like now. Imagine how big and in depth and interactive and pretty the world would be.

Because microsoft and sony have said "no no, consolekiddies, we want to squeeze more money out of you first with 40 quid a pop games before we give you a shiny new toy."

You're happy to bury your heads in the sand and bleat "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Everything is great, they didn't skimp on ram! They didn't give my console the airflow of a brick, everything's fine! I'm renewing my monthly subscription for the privilege of playing my games p2p. Baaaa, baaaaa" and make excuses.

GTA V looks dated. There, no pussy footing around. I fucking said it, it's a fact, not an opinion and anyone who disagrees with me is a fucking moron.

Will the way it looks stop it from being a great game? NO! Not at all, and if you even so much as fucking insinuate that I said that then I'm going to roar expletives up your mothers cunt.

Imagine living in a time when someone tried to pass this off as fact.  Its halfway through 2017 and the game still looks incredible!

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Really enjoying playing this through again on the Ps4.  The missions are a lot better than I remember from the first time around.


Just played the one where Trevor gets reunited with Michael for the first time when he bursts into his kitchen where Michael is talking with his wife and son.  Some great dialogue and then in the middle of their tense little encounter his son reveals his daughter is appearing on TV on basically what is Americas got Talent.  so they put their differences aside to go and stop her being exploited and making an idiot of herself on TV.  I was genuinely laughing during it, and then you engage in a truck chase with Laslo the host of the show that ends in the flood control channel terminator 2 style.


I think now I know and accept the missions are heavily scripted I am enjoying it more this time rather than my first play through when I was hoping the missions would have a more Hitman feel to them.



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57 minutes ago, clippa said:


Hello! Thanks for the notification. Yes, I am mentally ill.


For context, that quote was me playing the pantomime villain after months of "safety in numbers" scapegoat bullying which came to a head here if you fancy picking over the bones and tossing yourself off -

It was during a time when the forum was very anti pc gamer, things have thankfully calmed down a lot now. Console gamers are now discussing fov in the doom thread and talking about resolutions and framerates in the pro and bone threads.



I made the throwaway comment "this looks a bit dated" and "the people all look a bit sims and plasticiney", after seeing the trailer.






I stand by those comments.

People disagreed and arguments were exaggerated and it all got a bit silly.


For further context




Trust me, I'm no graphics whore. I'm a framerate queen, I'll always drop graphical frills to up my framerate and reduce input lag.

Look at my most recently played games list on steam and you'll see that the latest sexy graphics don't interest me in the slightest - http://steamcommunity.com/id/_clippa_/games/


It was a throwaway comment and I didn't expect the Spanish inquisition, but yes, I acted like a complete cunt.


In short, no matter which sentences you bold for effect, please take that entire quoted comment with a sack full of salt.

Ok, but please admit that you in 2011 saying that GTAV graphics are dated was mental, it looks amazing right now in 2017!  Admittedly I am playing on PS4 but I dont think it ramps things up too much.

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55 minutes ago, clippa said:

We were at the tail end of a very long console generation. They did a very good job. That's as far as I'll go :D


Edit: just to be clear, that's going off the original trailer.

I did end up buying it for the xbone but my sister took it from my house and stuck it on ebay, thinking "this is too adult for my son", not realising that maybe someone else might have played games on my cunting xbox.


Never saw the money, or the apology, come to think of it. It was the same month my jodorowsky boxset fucked off to a carboot sale.


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I've just started playing this again as it was free on Epic Store, although i did definitely have it for PC before but no idea who with.


Coming off from an extensive play on Red Dead I am finding this to be showing it's age in controls and graphics. Even with mods.


On reflection the openness of Red Dead, small towns within a vast natural landscape hid a lot of the emptiness of GTA5. The grandscale of gta5, today at least, looks very void of anything meaningful. Pedestrains walk aimlessly, cars shunt across the empty roads. 100s of shops and buildings are nothing but a texture.


That said I did have to remind myself that the game is coming up to 7 years old now and I'll stick with it as im looking forward to it opening up later, flying planes again, bank heists and other elaborate missions.


This is less of a criticism of GTA5 and more of a praise for Red Dead I think. GTA5 has been stripped and refined and polished into a gaming world that feels full of life and adventure even after completing the story missions.


If there is any truth to the more episodic nature of GTA6 then this might allow for a fuller world as its without question a lot harder to strip and refine Red Dead into GTA6

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And just finished the single player again. Still thoroughly enjoyable overall despite some aspects not aging well (racist and homophobic stereotypes, themes, and language). 


I'm curious where they're going to go with a sixth game. 

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I'm very much enjoying dipping back into this between longer bouts of Red Dead Redemption 2. The story and missions still make me chuckle, even the third (!) time round for most of them. I originally had the game on PS3 but never finished it, then rebought it on PS4 and finished it and now I'm playing it on Xbox Series X. So if you're wondering who is still buying this game almost ten years later, well apparently I am.


On XSX the game isn't improved at all, outside of load times and instant resume. As a result, it's starting to show its age. I'd not noticed before, but some of the depth of field blurring is fucking aggressive in the game - stuff that's literally 10 ft away is so blurry you'd think Franklin needs to get his ass to SpecSavers. It can be very off putting. 


The 'Expanded and Enhanced' remaster is coming in March after being delayed from last November. The trailers released for it got downvoted to shit on YouTube and reaction was poor, to say the least, because the remaster doesn't actually look remastered in the slightest. Some slight lighting changes, but nothing to tax the power of the PS5 or XSX. In fact, Rockstar have been EXTREMELY quiet over what exactly has been expanded and enhanced for this remaster. Surely Rockstar aren't farting out a lazy port to make chumps buy the game again on a new gen of consoles, just to flog more Shark Cards in GTA Online? SURELY NOT?!?


In case you missed the reveal trailer, here are the list of 'features' Rockstar are pushing for this remaster:


- Improved graphics (not in the trailer, they're not!)

- Enhanced gameplay (how is it enhanced? They didn't explain anything with this)

- 'Seamless' 4character switching (that is due to the SSDs in the consoles, not the game. The XBO version on XSX is almost instant anyway, so hardly a big feature)


Here's the trailer, if you've not seen it:



As Trevor said in the trailer, 'I think we're literally going to make out like bandits with this'...it's almost like Rockstar are taking the piss :lol:


Given the critical mauling that GTA Trilogy remaster got, let's hope the GTA V remaster delay is to add some spit and polish...


In some ways, as much as I'm enjoying being back in Los Santos, I also kinda want to know if my save will carry over into the E&E version, whether or not I'll have to rebuy the game to get the E&E version (it's Rockstar, so the answer is probably a resounding 'Yes you dummy') and what the E&E version actually brings to the table.

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On 19/05/2015 at 14:48, cohen205 said:

I dont think Rocktstar will disappoint - I think they have been delayed massively as they didnt realise how much of a massive undertaking GTA online was going to be, plus they had to take time to do the PS4/Xbone versions, then Heists, then PC versions.

Give them time, I think they will produce the goods.



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I mean he's still right, GTA6 will be immense. Believe!


I have also been wanting to get back into this, I never actually completed it because my hard drive died and wiped my saves before the end. I have been watching someone play it on Youtube and it's great how well the opening sections flow and how they set up the characters - I think when I played it originally I was so busy exploring the map for hours that I never really noticed that.


Following that link to 2015 I described it as going downhill when all the government stuff got involved and that's still true, all the weird renditioning stuff and inter-agency fighting is so separate from everyones arcs that it really feels like a lot of it (or at least the ideas of it) were reused from Agent post-cancellation, you get the feeling Agent was supposed to be a knockoff Jack Bauer thing.

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Update on GTA V expanded and enhanced edition for PS5 and XSX:



Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S features new graphics modes with up to 4K resolution, up to 60 frames per second, texture and draw distance upgrades, HDR options and ray-tracing, as well as offering the technical advancements of the latest console generation with faster loading times, immersive 3D audio, platform-specific features like advanced haptic feedback, and much more.

PS4 and Xbox One players eager to continue their journey on the newest generation of hardware will be able to transfer both their GTAV Story Mode progress and their current GTA Online characters and progression to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S with a one-time migration at launch.

Plus, a new standalone version of GTA Online for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will debut at launch — available for free for the first three months to PlayStation 5 players — making it easier than ever before for new players to experience everything GTA Online has to offer.


Being able to transfer across single player saves is good - I've been reluctant to get too into my replay of GTA V single player in case it wasn't possible to just transfer the saves.

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15 minutes ago, Doctor Shark said:

Update on GTA V expanded and enhanced edition for PS5 and XSX:



Being able to transfer across single player saves is good - I've been reluctant to get too into my replay of GTA V single player in case it wasn't possible to just transfer the saves.


This kinda makes it sound like I won't be able to play with my PS4 chums when I'm on my PS5 version

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