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Game adverts...the magazine ones, if you please.


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Whether the game's any cop or not, I don't know (have neither the right specced PC, nor the wherewithall to pick the thing up) but the advert to Max Payne 2 is just lovely.

Well, apart from the titles- which are in completely the wrong sort of font for my liking.

The black and white piccy of Mr Payne with the lady is just great and moody.

And that's the end of that one then.

Anyone have any recollections of any other good gaming ad?

(Can you tell I'm feeling bored? Can you really?)

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Theres several that I really liked.

One was for a snowboarding game, cool boarders I think, which had a poem about powder with loads of drug references.

I also have a soft spot for the command and conquer add "previous high scores" that had pictures of Hitler, Napolean etc on.

I also think a special mention should go to the TV add for some rally game that had the drivers and co-drivers running down the dirt tracks and jumping into ditches. Its very rare to get a good TV add for a game (the machines yes, the games rarely).

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One of Sony's first Playstation adds simply featuring a photo of a girl and boy looking ready for a night out. No text whatsoever.

On closer inspection, you think, blimey, she's got pert nips! Then you notice he has too, then you see the circle... the triangle... the cross... the square...

I cut that out of Arena and still have it on my wall to this day.

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