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Ultra Street Fighter IV


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I've spent hundreds of moon points on costumes because I'm an idiot. And I'll be buying today's one too! Not got them all tho' because buying dresses for girls seemed a bit weird. Pink underwear for a wrinkly old man = OK. Summer frocks and cat suits for girls = NOT OK*. Hmm maybe I need to reappraise my policy.

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It's asking for the first two hits of her three part chain combo rather than linking back and MK into standing MK.

Press MK as the back + MK is hitting. Back + MK cancels into the MK launcher vertical kick. Then just mash out the legs and hit ultra. If you push them into the corner then it's hard to miss.

These two kicks are what you should be getting:


Incidentally, jumping double fierce into the full chain combo (ending with the down up MK Tenshokyaku) is a decent combo option if you don't have/want to burn meter.

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With chain/target combos you can generally be faster and less careful with the timing. That one can almost be mashed out, which is a bit jarring when a lot of the other ones are asking for tricky links and such.

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In all seriousness, I had a clip on stick that attached to a dpad, came free with a magazine in the mid 1990's, it was a bit ghetto but it worked ok.

I also had one of those AMAZE 360* pads for my SNES. Y'know, one of those that had a 'touchpad' rather than a dpad, so you just had to run your finger round in a circle to do 360s.

It inspired me to become the 360 kick flippin' remmy I am today.

Someone must remember the pad, at least

*not its real name

It's not a Traix Turbo Touch 360 Controller?


Actually, I didn't even know this kind of controller existed. More controllers need touchpads today.


Better yet, you could get the Otemedius G arcade stick, which has a touchpad in it! Or maybe not.

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Bit late and all but geegees to Nickfullspec and Cherry Pez for the games last night. Really good fun. Good to finally play you Nick, bringing the Ken flash. A couple of good n tight matches. Really enjoyed the Makoto v Rose match with the Pez too. Another close one.

Good work lads.

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thanks for the vega tips guys. 7 wins from 28 fights.

on the plus (?) side i did get two rage quits last night. one was while playing as blanka though - guy called ultima weapon or something picked juri, took like three hits and quit. sent me a message saying he can't stand spam. ah well, his loss because i was just about to bust out a never before seen combo and now he'll never experience it.

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Got some hatemail as Blanka as well last night, which was nice. 'Lame. This is why I hate Blanka players, they're all the same.'

Even nicer was that I sent an entirely pleasant response explaining he wasn't my main and I was going for C to C. That shut him up.

In the whole of my run I think I landed j.HK, clMK, LP x Ball once, maybe twice. Normally the cLP would get blocked as I left it too late. A few times I'd get a counterhit with the LP after the initial moves were blocked because I was delaying it.

Then in the final round of the match that eventually got him up to C I jumped in and HK connected. sMK connected and I thought, 'a little bit earlier'....LP connected, Ball gave me the KO, the win and the C rank. YAY! I love this game.

Then I took Bison for a spin, won my first match and then got absolutely wrecked a couple of times, once by a Vega who realised how entirely clueless I was and spent three quarters of the match taunting.

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I got more 'Super mail' yesterday afternoon than I ever have since I started playing any 360 version of Street Fighter. Maybe youth and the unemployed are a bit grumpier than your common or garden evening player.

Anyway, so I played (and beat) some guy (or girl, dont want to be sexist eh carlito!) as Sakura (me with Chun) and noticed from his emblems that he must main Chun....I havent even got back to arcade mode when 'a new fighter has entered the ring'. Sure enough it's the same guy. And sure enough it's a Chun-Li mirror. He proceeds to beat me (adding in quite a nice 2x in air HP juggle into triple headstomp) fair and square. Fair enough. I get a message from him after the game saying:

"and that's how you play chun li"


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i think it's hilarious that certain characters get the hate. what game do people think they are playing?

this only strengthens my belief that capcom should release Ryu VS Ken Fighter - player 1 is always Ryu and player 2 is always Ken and you just play round after round and whoever gets bored last wins (in the arcade mode you play as Ryu and fight 7 Kens before the big boss appears (Ryu in a red suit)). I think it would have the potential to be the most balanced fighting game ever made.

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I have played that game. The Streetfighter 1 cab at the Sega World (R.I.P.). Put a quid in, unwittingly ended up with about 50 credits and ran Ryu vs Ken against my friend until boredom defeated us. We both got bored at the same time though, so it was a draw.

One of my favourite lobbies to date last night. GGs to all involved, and another lengthy big lobby session without any major lag incidents at my end!

A high success rate with overheads, liberal use of cross unders irrespective of character and the unpredictable EX thunder knuckle (I can't help it, I just love Terry Bogard). These are my signature moves.

There were many lols, a healthy sprinkling of salt, a lobby tyrant, some lovely streetfighter, some appalling streetfighter and a lot of trolling from both the players and the random select gods. Great, great stuff.

That Blanka guy. I saved the replay of the Gen beasting. You guys need to see that fucker's inputs.

Wear the fez.

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I need some theory fighter help chaps.

Re SSFIV 3DS. Giant Bomb just said that, like DOA Dimensions, it runs at 30fps in 3D mode and that doubles to 60fps if you turn the 3D slider all the way down.

Two questions.

1. Does this not entirely do away with the notion of a one-frame link, as the smallest possible gap between moves is now 2/60ths of a second; and

2. Would it therefore not be a much easier game in 2D as it effectively doubles your input windows thereby rendering the 3D - and therefore the game's USP - almost entirely pointless?

This is going to bug me all day.

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