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For those who don't recognise the name he's the guy who became famous from YouTube for this video:

I went to see him at the Glee Club in Birmingham last night, and he was absolutely brilliant. Really personable as well, just seems like a thoroughly nice guy.

Anyway someone in the audience shouted out "Samus' Stardrive", to which he obliged, first apologising that it was a long time since he'd played it so it might not be perfect ("don't put this on YouTube tomorrow" he said :)). It turns out that he's really into gaming, and this song was inspired by the music from Metroid. (Didn't get chance to ask if Drifting had elements of Secret of Mana in which is what I hear).

He also said "Those of you who aren't into video games won't understand this, but seriously there is some awesome music in them"

Anwyay, Samus' Stardrive:

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