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80s Synth Pop

Art Vandelay

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A subject dear to my heart, 80s synth pop. The cheesier and more dated the better in my opinion. There's something brilliant about that whole wave of music that came after Thriller, 1999 and Madonna. There weren't many periods better for straight up pop in my opinion, so If you've got them then post them. Obscure and poofed out is the order of the day if possible.


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Heh, I was going to post Joe Jackson too!

Mind you, where's the Vince Clarke all up in this place? He is the undisputed king of synth pop. :quote:

Erasure - March On Down The Line (Remix). Sadly not on YouTube, but here's the Spotify link.

Oh L'Amour & March On Down The Line

Goodbye 70s (Spotify link)

The classic Don't Go


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Superb thread. I'm going to contribute some "Ministry" from their synth pop period. First up, a superb live version of one of their standout tracks:

Now the studio version:

Cool extended version:


Finally a couple of other choice cuts from the "With Sympathy" album:


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I fucking love Scritti Politti, to the point that I alienated myself completely from my Punk-dullard housemates in the first year of uni by listening to Cupid & Psyche '85 every day for about six months.

Good times. :lol:

Respect to that my man.

I know it's a bit of a cheat picking Prince tunes as he practically defines the use of the synth in music, but what the heck...





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