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The Miniatures and Scale model appreciation thread


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Really annoying to photograph, as try as I might the silver comes across terribly harsh, whilst in reality it's actually quite nice. The bronze came out nicely though :) .

Are you using unadulterated flash? That'll blow out the reflecting surfaces. If you're using a compact camera with a built-in flash, a good way of taking the edge off is to put something gauzy over it like a hanky or other pale fabric. Try with different thicknesses to see which gives you the best results.

Much easier if you're using an adjustable flash on a DSLR: point the flash upwards :)

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I tend not to use the flash at all really, but I'll give it a go mate :)

Almost coming to the end of the painting-fest before Salute.

Two knights:


And with the big bloke:


And a slightly fuzzy group shot of the entire troop:


Really happy how they've all come out really - especially in such a quick time.

Four more Twilight figures to go, and that's that commission done for a little while!

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Well, in a mad fit of productivity, I'm rather pleased (and relieved!) to finally show off the newest JoeK Mini - the Dragon Huntress. Sculpted by MIKH, with a two year gestation, I'm rather happy with the result.




Lots of pictures on my web-site, and a way to pre-order the figure too if you so wish (2 options - one paid, one...erm...not so paid).

35mm tall, 6 parts and sits on a 50mm round base - it's by far the most intricate figure I've been involved with!

With a certain amount of luck, I'll bring the original sculpt along on Saturday - that's if the post gets to me by then. Otherwise, I'll have to bore you all with lots of photos...


Joe goes off to collapse and then start painting again...no rest for poor Joe. Pity poor Joe...

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Well, Salute has been and gone and was enjoyed thoroughly by me - as both a trader and as a wanderer around the stands! Admittedly, there wasn't much wandering going around, due to the show being so bloody busy. However, I did manage to give my box loads of painted figures to Mike, and he didn't chuck them back at me at the end of the day, so I guess they did the job :) .

For those who didn't see him on FB, I did finish the Casanii before the show:




Wonderful figure!

And now I've kind of started a bit of fun. Still Twilight though, but this one's kind of 'in my own time'...

I'm titling the piece: 'Get off my Mountain'.


Small amount of conversion work going on, and hopefully the base will make more sense when it's dried and painted...

This is the original...not much difference, but mine's bit more pissed off with things!


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Indeed. They got it all wrong basically...I had very little faith in them anyway, so it didn't surprise me...

I probably should have got my cock out and pissed all over him, but strangely enough the idea only hit me after the event :P

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Well, this really hasn't taken much time at all :) . Not finished yet, as there's snow and other bits and bobs to finish off (not least some open areas of putty that were needed to 'fit' the big chap in. However, we're getting there.


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Like an awful lot of her stuff, it's incredibly skillful and technically spot on. But...I just don't like it. As a composition it makes absolutely naff-all sense to me, and - if she were a bloke - I'd be saying it's all done as some sort of grand willy-waving gesture.

It's a trait you see in a lot of eastern european mini painting to be honest, and doesn't do much for me at all - however, I can clearly see why folk would like it though.

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OK, be gentle with me. This is the first thing I've painted in about 23 years. It's not quite finished but it's close enough.

It's a terrible photo but I'm actually quite happy with the paint job, particularly considering the number of mistakes I made as I went along.


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That's pretty good for a first attempt. The colours look smoothly and neatly applied and there's some nice touches like the transition on the swooshy thing.

On the subject of first attempts my mum found a box containing warzone figures I purchased ten years ago. Not being a sentimental type I stripped and repainted them. Rather than spend hours on what are horrendous sculpt by today's standards I focused less on technique and instead challenged myself to use the same colour paints as what I had back then. I'm particularly pleased with the skin which was done using primary colours and white only.



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What's the recommended method for painting metal surfaces? I always used to paint the area black first, then drybrush with a metallic colour (as I've done in the figure above). But it has a tendency to end up giving a slightly textured/grainy surface rather than looking smooth.

On the next figure I'm painting I tried something different. I just painted a thin layer of slightly watered down metallic paint directly onto the white basecoat (after it had been washed with black ink) and it looked great and super smooth. After applying a couple of washes I then tried drybrushing the highlights, but now the highlights look slightly grainy again.

Is there a better way?

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Try using 2-3 thin layers for the basecoat and apply a thin wash over the drybrush to smooth out the highlights. It could also be the brand of paint you are using. The likes of vallejo model colour metallics can appear very glittery. The old gw boltgun metal and mithril silver were excellent but I've yet to try their new formulations.

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That's fantastic, great stuff. I've never been able to master freehand at, well, any scale really.

Also reminds me that I never did get any of the lovely scenery from Antenociti. I should do so, particularly as I've finally started painting again (got 3 models painted from the Hobbit set for the gf a couple of weeks ago).

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