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The Miniatures and Scale model appreciation thread

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This is quite possibly the worst thing I've painted up in years. 


This Eisenhorn figure was produced in finecast, and it is - like most things of that material - absolutely appalling. I was looking at the original paintjob for him, and pretty much half of the detail they have on that one is missing from the mass produced version. It's shockingly bad. 



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@JoeKHe looks a bit like he should be in an 80’s new romantic band. But with guns. 

@Davros sock drawer

the resin GW models are a bit cack. They’re hard to get off the sprues and often have bubbles in them like Swiss cheese. Had a couple of demons that needed a fair bit of green stuff tlc. 
And you also need to use superglue which means due to my cackhandedness I’ll end up with a bit of whatever it is glued to me. 

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2 minutes ago, Davros sock drawer said:

What was the issue? Is it not an official GW release? Or is it one where they used poor quality plastics or something?

It’s GW’s Eisenhorn mini but as Joe says it’s Finecast which has a deserved reputation for being bad with detail, or just missing bits all together with air bubbles.

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So, this is the GW painted one:




Now, I'm not saying I can paint as good as this, but as the copy I painted lacked all that cool detail on the gun, and the eagle insignia on the belt buckle (and loads of other stuff), it would have been impossible. 


So, the 'EM painter had a lovely resin master cast to work on which would have been absolutely flawless.


I might swear a lot at sticking together some of their plastics, but I've never had one where the detail has been less than perfect!

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On 04/03/2021 at 10:18, Davros sock drawer said:

I know you know what you're doing anyway @And, but this is the general technique:



So I have this a go. I’ve loads of marines which I built, sprayed and shaded but then abandoned as it was a boring paint scheme to paint. 
It didn’t go well.  But it did go fast. I think my base spray coat was a bit rough, so there’s some texture. Or I was doing it wrong.  

But it took a couple of minutes per model to do a full layer, then another lighter coat, then a few little edge highlights and the armour was done. So the rest of the time was just doing guns and details, most of which were contrast. So total time probably less than 2 hours. For a unit.
so are they painted to the best of my ability? No. Are they good enough to sit in the cupboard waiting for a game? Yes. 

There’s a certain odd pleasure to speed painting. The results are never going to be great, but to just chug through infantry and get them finished is very pleasing. 


Looking at them I should probably go and give them a yellow Pauldron to fit the rest of the dudes. 

So I’ve around 12 more infantry and 4 characters that need doing so will apply this technique to them and might finish* my marine army!



*and then promptly build the pariah nexus dudes and have those to do. 




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Those look pretty damn good for 2 hours' work!


I've only ever tried it over a very smooth primer coat, so I think that yes, it probably does need a smooth surface to work well. To be honest, I'd probably use this method to prime them as well, if I had no spray handy.


The brush also needs to be a little damp, unlike dry-brushing, but you probably did that.

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For me part, I completed this 6 point viking warband, with a variable value for 'completed'*




*The eagle eyed may noticed the sheilds aen't done. This is because screw painted 30 shields in a row. I'll doe them in small batches between projects as palette cleansers.

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3 hours ago, The Bag said:

@Cockythey’re amazing, how long did it take to paint them?  How long will it take you to paint an entire army like that?

Between 3-5 hours each. Now that I have a better idea of the color scheme and method that should come down to 2-3 hours. If this was a commission this would represent a week's work.

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Yes they are infinity models. I think the smallest legal army is around ten model. I have around 30 and each faction gets new releases on a regular basis. They are also a bunch of kickstarter exclusives that I'll probably add at great cost at some point. Then there are models that aren't part of this faction that I'll collect any way because they look cool.


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