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The Miniatures and Scale model appreciation thread


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On 10/01/2022 at 04:58, The Bag said:

Been working away on Journeyman Miniature’s version of Paul Bonner’s Cadwallon Bodyguard.  This is a massive piece of resin, such fun to paint I’m painting this quicker than I think I’ve done anything else, ever :lol:






Moar Confrontation!

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I used my jewelry saw for the first time. The Grey Knight squad I got has these awesome two-handed spears but I wanted one to be held only by a left hand. So I cut up two different spears, got the pieces I need, and then attached the bits by drilling into the staff pieces, through the hand, and using green stuff and a straightened staple to provide stability. Turned out really well, rather chuffed. 

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