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The Miniatures and Scale model appreciation thread


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Had my first game of Batman today. Lots of fun. Lots of rules also, but it was good. The dice gods smiled upon it and the game ened up at 18-13, but for a few decisions at the end could have gone my way, but that's part of learning, and yeah, the dice gods were deffo on my side tonight.


Game set up. The guy with the assault rifle was stationed over the street, and managed to hit nothing throughout the game. He still managed to keep lots of people behind cover though. Great fear peice:






Mid game. You'll notice a distinct lack of the other side. That's the assult rifle threat at work. But despiate managing to surge forward I didn't manage to capitalise.






Poison Ivy, the opposing boss, takes a gamble at trying to mind control Bane.... and fials. It all looked over for her, but then Bane walked up, smacked her good and proper, but leaving her witha few health, which she then went and dived into the sewer to escape.




Lots of the objectives ended up clustered around this side of the board. Unfortunately I could only get thugs over there and they couldn't stand up the enemy.




Nearly at the end. I was still elading (I think) by this point, but this is when it started to fall apart. My guys had already started falling, and many of them had only a few hit points left, and Bane was left on his own to march across the table. The last mvoe of the game was hime steaming into an enemy and using seven attack tokens to smash them into the ground with one pucnh, but it was too little too late.




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It depends on the game.  Movement can either be in CM or inches (batman is cm), and also it allows pre-measuring.  Some games do, some don't.  What pre measruing is means you say "I want A to charge X but I don't know if I can move far enough, let me measure before I decide" and if you can't, then you can do something else.  Batman will let you do that, but same games you have to guess, and if A wasn't close enough to X too bad, you've committed and have to move as far as you can, possibly leaving you out in the open.


Cover is very game dependant. I'm still leanring batman, but from memory if a model is touching scenery which covers half of it it gets a bonus t defence, but also if bullets cross over other scenery or models on their way to the target there's also a chance they could hit them.


Honestly the rules for Batman are pretty intense and convoluted.  It's fun, but I couldn't imagine anyone picking up this game as their first into gaming.  Apparently the Marvel game rules are much easier, but that literally just got discontinued.


There are usually how to play videos on youtube for games, but not really for Batman.  I'll have a look and post some if I can find any.

And here we go:







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I've been waiting for you to do something bigger with your basing :) 


Also - you should be painting one of my figures :P . That painting comp is looking like a bust at the moment, so you may well find yourself with top honours by default :P


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