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Prince of Persia SOT - Cheapest Place?!


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Hey everyone new guy here on this gaming forum ;) and i saw a great platform come out which is this! I strolled down Oxford st and Tottham Court Road for game shops and of course CEX (The shop with their rip off prices; especially when trying to sell something to them :unsure: ). Well anyways i did my best to find a decent shop that will sell it a cheaper price (Nearly every shop was £37.99+ for PS2 format) than my wallet can afford. Does anyone know any shops or shopping sites that would sell this game for a cheap price? ;)

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Cheers on that decider! I might buy it from them since its good for free shipping and that its definitly not the prices i saw on the high street :unsure: i guess this time of year they raise their prices for christmas shopping... especially the high st stores...

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Nah i haven't got a chipped PS2 yet Soong so no Use Net for me but i definitly must get this game it looks amazing.

Oh, I was talking about PC version, sorry.

Do not pirate PS2 games, bad.

But pirating PC games isn't?

You really are an intriguing fellow.

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Course it is, but it depends on what the reason for you doing it is.

If you go through the trouble of chipping your PS2 and getting pirate games for it, it's safe to assume you'd be doing that to avoid game costs completely.

PC's a lot different, easier... I download games if I either don't have the money at that moment, or if I'm impatient and it's on order, or if it's not that great.. or just to try out.

I know PoP is a good game but it's not a genre I'm too keen on, so I'm gonna give it a try first before deciding whether the publishers deserve my money.

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