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Friday Night Dinner

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My biggest problem with it is Mark Heap as the neighbour, Jim. You know he is going to make an appearance and you just want them to get it over with. It's not Mark's fault, he still does a good job as the weird neighbour, but he is getting typecast.

Yes, Jim does seem to be gradually turning more and more into Mark Heap's character from Green Wing.

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Love this show. Would have completely passed me by if not for this thread. Make me wonder how much other good comedy I may be missing that isn't be sung about from the rooftops. As 90% of recent c4/bbc1/bbc3 UK sitcoms have been crap I tend not to notice new ones.

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I don't know what it is about this comedy, but after about four minutes it's got its claws into me and I'm in silent fits of laughter at the tiniest event or line the whole way through. Looking at it objectively it really shouldn't do this to me, but it manages to do so every week.

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I was worried that a Jim orientated episode would be too much, but I loved it. Shame UK shows never do more than 6 episodes, but I guess this is the type of show where too many might make it feel stale.

Yeah, there is a balance. Although Spy and Trollied on Sky 1 have gone for longer second series.

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I'm enjoying it. There's a fine line between the comedy in the show, and it just getting too stupid and too silly to be funny.

I think they mostly get it spot on.

The dad is just hilarious.

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