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That's pretty great - I suppose that tech can/will come to games in the same way the DLSS has?  What a neat application of AI - doing physics faster than our best boffins have :D


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That's awesome. I wish more companies released these sort of things - I find them endlessly fascinating, just flipping options on and off and seeing just how much goes into these things. 


Around 24-29fps with everything full whack on native. DLSS on seemed to push that up to the 45-48fps. You could easily tweak this without noticing much amiss and get it to around the 60fps I reckon. 


But it really is rather nice. Only thing which is a bit suss is the lip-synching going on. It's okay, but it's not world class levels you are now seeing in some games.


The lighting is fab...



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I just tried that demo on my 3060Ti.


It begged me for mercy on the first load after I attempted to see just how bad the framerate would be maxed out, and crashed :lol:


I then set it to max settings, 1440p, DLSS Max Quality and just about managed a "filmic" 24fps in the most demanding bit. It played horribly the first time actually though, with stuttering which I assume was shader compilation issues, then ran without stuttering after that first run.


Interestingly, regarding that kind of stutter, I'm seeing that kind of thing a LOT with PC games at the moment, and what I assume is shader stutter is one of the most annoying things in PC gaming these days, and it's really pushing me into thinking about just getting a PS5 instead, as honestly that stuttering happens so often and in so many modern games it kind of makes them feel worse even if they have higher framerates or resolutions.

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