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Retro games that you still play?


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I wanted to make a thread about retro games that I still play every so often. This is not a list of EPIC retro games, but a list of games that I actually still play every so often. So i'm not going to be listing Final Fantasy 7 and other such epic games in this list. Even though FF7 a great game, I haven't played it in about 5 years so it is not going to feature here. So, let me know what games do you still play that are now considered past of history?

Diablo 1 - PS1 - A fun 1 or 2 player game. Bit similar to WOW but it is harder and more bloodthirsty. When I played this game as an 8 year old i actually remember feeling a little scared.

Sensible Soccer - Sega Mega Drive (but playing on an emulator now), the XBOX 360 version is not the same at all. Fun football game, not one to spend hours on but good for a 20 minute blast.

Hogs of War - PS1 - Great multiplayer game. Can play up to 4 players. Same concept as worms but in 3D. I'd very strongly recommend playing this with some friends. It sells for about £10 on ebay.

Sim Tower - PC - I sometimes have a blast on this PC game. It only takes a few hours to complete anyway and it's quite fun to build a tower and watch your money increase.

Warcraft 3 - PC - Well this game came out in 2002 and I still play a game online at least every week. Absolute class strategy game, the best i've ever played and i much prefer it to Starcraft 2. The online community is still very strong but there is a problem online with map hackers. Graphics aren't actually too bad either, not all PCs will be able to play this on max spec even today. Though if you're a graphics whore i'd stay clear of this.

That's it. I still own tonnes of retro games but these are the ones I regularly play :)

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Not much old stuff I regularly play these days. Occasionally I'll break out the Laser Squad on C64 although it's not the same in one-player.

I fear most people who play retro games tend to dabble. I'd love to find an old game I can really sink my teeth into but with so much about it's too easy to get distracted.

Really fancy a Wasteland playthrough.

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Rainbow Islands: All the time, my favourite plaformer ever, and that does include the mario's and sonic's of this world

Powerstone: probably my most played fighter ever, still gets regular plays

Gunstar Heroes: because its awesome. Still can't believe its the humble MD throwing sprites around the screen at such a pace

I mainly play retro, so theres plenty more

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I fear most people who play retro games tend to dabble. I'd love to find an old game I can really sink my teeth into but with so much about it's too easy to get distracted.

Quite the opposite with me, I've got so many retro games to keep me occupied I very rarely touch any new stuff. Only the 3DS has interrupted that recently.

Name any 8-bit or 16-bit shmup and I probably still play it :blah:

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Supermarioland - GB

Wave Race - N64 via Wii

Zarlor Mercenary - Lynx (thought the lynx had been sold - was overjoyed to find it).

Tekken 3 - PS

Kung Fu Master - NES

I have an amazing number of NES roms, but when booting it up, the only game I can ever be bothered to play is Kung Fu Master.

That's my lot at the moment. Also dabble with Golden Axe and Final Fight quite a bit.

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D&D: Shadows over Mystara - My favourite scrolling beater and a cart I will take to the grave with me as I attempt to 1CC with every character.

Any of the Ghosts and Goblins series - My bestest series ever!!!! Probably the Ghouls and Ghosts PCB just edging out Super Ghouls and Ghosts for top spot.

Dungeon Master - Played through dozens of times and the atmosphere always gets me. Simple but brilliant magic and potion system as well.

Lords of Midnight - Same as above. The atmosphere is just wonderful.

Games I return to often: Magician Lord, R-Type series, Gradius series, Golden Axe (and mostly any scrolling beater), Rastan, Legend of Hero Tomna, Cadash, Metal Slug series.

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(Open) Transport Tycoon Deluxe - PC Though I'm not sure this can be called retro, since it's still be developed. The original game came out some time ago though.

UFO: Enemy Unknown (AKA Xcom: UFO Defense) - PC I remeber getting the demo of this on the cover of PC Zone. Instant hook, bought the game on launch and have been playing ever since. Having it come out on Steam, so that I didn't have to fiddle with clockspeeds and the like to get it running was a godsend. The atmosphere of this game is just perfect.

GT1 to GT3 I'm a total GT adict and love to go back to these older games every once in a while

Speedball 2 - Amiga Have always loved this game and is one of the reasons I own an Amiga (well, two Amigas)

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PSP retro compilations and emulators have made it easy to revisit classics whenever I like. Generally I like to have a good balance of old and new as I'm not a fan of the whole "retro" distinction, but titles I can always rely on include...

Street Fighter 2 - from the original through to Super Turbo and HD Remix, it just has superb balance and brilliant style.

Mega Man (series) - mostly MM2, but I'm fond of nearly all of the NES games.

Sonic 1-3&K - let's face it, everyone needs to play these whenever another rubbish "new" Sonic game is released, if only as a reminder of better times...

Iridis Alpha - my favourite shoot 'em up and possibly my favourite game of all time. Nothing else quite like it.

Metal Slug (series) - the 2D art has aged brilliantly in my opinion, and the gameplay is still awesome fun.

Tetris - it's Tetris.

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The sorts of games that are classified as Retro that I still occasionally play is generally because they stopped making any new ones in that style/genre:

Sid Meier's Brian Reynold's Alpha Centauri - Greatest TBS ever made, the Civ formula taken to the max, I might even rate it as the greatest game ever made :wub:

Transport Tycoon Deluxe - Chris Sawyer's crowning glory and the best game to have ever been developed by somebody from Scotland

Burnout 2 - Criterion perfected the Crash Mode with their first try and proceeded to do it wrong ever since :P Still amazing for time trialling

Metal Slug 2/X/3 - Run&Gun sprite heaven.

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Recently: Micro Machines 2 / 96 - it's definitely in my all time top 10.

UFO/X-com, Chaos Engine, Gunstar Heroes, and the holy trinity of Defender, Joust and Robotron all get dusted off from time to time as well.

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The retro games I've always seemed to have at hand (for playing purposes) are:

Balloon Fight (GBA reissue): I've come close to clicking the score counter over many times. I enjoy Balloon Kid too but it's a chore setting the Cube player up.

Alien Soldier: Love the purity and execution in this game. I tend to play it from the start (on hard) or from about midway (on easy).

Rhythm Tengoku: The Drum School side game is one of the best things I've ever played. I've not been able to crack the final lesson but i'm cool with that. I still fire it up.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World: I find racing through this so relaxing and warm. Somehow it stays fresh, charming and just tricky enough to spank you for complacency.

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I'm assuming you play the "Open" version?

Most recently yes, though I used to play the original, OpenTTD is a nice upgrade to it as it has a lot of stuff implemented into it that the original design lacked, still waiting for some of the upgrades from TTDpatch to be implemented in it though :P

It was a real shame to see what happened to the spiritual sequel to the game that Chris Sawyer released, Locomotion, I was hoping that was going to take the genre to new limits, but sadly not. He seems to have retired from games development now too, so we'll never see another of the sorts of games he used to like making anymore.

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There's still quite a few retro games that I fire up.. mostly because you can get a 5 to 10 minute quickie out of most of them! Some faves I still play are

Beach Head (C64)

Pitstop 2 (C64)

Pitfall (2600)

Pitfall 2 (2600)

Castlevania (NES)

Legend of Zelda (NES)

Action Fighter (SMS)

Alien Syndrome (SMS)

Ghostbusters (SMS)

Enduro Racer (SMS)

Jumping Jack (Spectrum)

Splat (Spectrum)

3D Death Chase (Spectrum)

Most are games that are basic, but it's hard to get something similar today.. without a load of old cobblers added onto it. However, I tend to go through console/era phases- at the moment it's more 8 bit but I'm playing a few more 16 bit games (especially EA games on the Megadrive)

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How could I forget :doh: , the game I ALWAYS go back to - Prince of Persia on SNES - hands down the best Prince of Persia game ever programmed. Indeed one of my favorite games of all time - good graphics, haunting music, great challenge and perfect controls. I absolutely ADORE it.

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I remember thinking I'd clocked SNES Prince Of Persia only to find more levels deeper down in some kind of hellfire scenario and agile skeletons a plenty - quite a step up from the BBC Acorn version I first played! The amazing SNES version was unfortunately yet another game with a final level I found just a touch too tough to crack (that maze was over the top hard and I gave up after a couple of weeks of daily attempts). I also remember it being produced by the powerhouse that was NCS/Masaya - the geniuses behind Assault Suit Leynos / Vulcan. I always meant to get their 16-bit softography..

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Still play a few proper classics on MAME, especially:

Bomb Jack

Mr Do!

Mr Do's Castle

Pac Man



I Robot

Rainbow Islands

Green Beret

Ghosts & Goblins

And my all time favourite, Robotron 2084


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