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The Valve Thread


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But its unlikely you can even get that. EA and Activision aren't gonna just drop their own stores and support this are they? At least with Steam on Windows you can still buy games from other stores.

I don't mean to sound cunty I'm more just trying to make it clear for me if no one else.

The real problem is that SteamOS isn't Microsoft Windows compatible, hence why you still need another PC running a local Gaikai/Onlive server to play most of the games available on STEAM for Windows itself, let alone any other digital source of Microsoft Windows-compatible PC games, which are currently unconfirmed to be streamable to a SteamOS box.

How much work is required to get games ported from Windows to Linux or OSX? likely significantly less than required to do a Windows to console or console to Windows port, the only thing stopping anyone is money (the lack of it).

Valve have a mountain to climb, so vote with your wallets and buy games on SteamOS if you want to give Valve and more importantly, other publishers the message that Linux actually makes sense, Carmack's tried several times and said it still wasn't worth the bother.

I wish the GabeN luck with it, one of the few people with the pull to actually make Linux and OpenGL viable again on PC for games.

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The 360/PS3 Orange Box releases are a travesty. I'd love to fire up TF2 on one of those and see what it looks like now. Customers lost out on the 400 content patches for TF2 which came to PC.

Calm down now!

The ports of all the games on the 360 are excellent. True it's 30fps but I very much enjoy firing up the console version and blasting though all of the HL2 content. Portal is also excellent. Sometimes I'd just rather play through these than my PC versions for nice convenience, then I get swept up and play through the whole lot, like reading a good book.

Sure thing, TF2 console version is still the original release which is such a daft missed opportunity..and another Valve false promise! They stated the release of a content package form TF2 console that never materialised.

...maybe that's what this announcement is! THEY'RE UPDATING TF2 FOR CONSOLES OMG!

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You know who we need? Ted Rogers of 321 fame.

'You chose the cat with five whiskers as your last prize. Now another name for cat is pussy, and we now Mrs Slocombe had a pussy in Are You Being Served. Now that show was set in Grace Bros. Department store. And that store sold kettles. Now what does a kettle produce? Steam, right. And remember old mislter Grace used to have those "saucy" assistants. Now saucey - you think why? Well drop that 'y' and you've got sauce. Another way of spelling sauce is source. Are You Being Served had a follow up called Grace & favour, with more sauce or rather source 2. Remember our guest who links it altogether? That's right John Inman. We all know John, such a happy and Gay man. Or G-man as his type like to be called.

So you've got steam, source 2, a g-man and what else? That's right, a catchphrase of mr lewis on the old show was Gordon Bennet. Now in our sketch with Inman, Wogan and Frankie Howard we found out Bennet was latin for free. And seeing how mr lewis was a man it makes sense to say he was talking about...you've guessed it! Gordon Freeman!

Stick all that together and you get our star prize! No, not Dota3 but Gordon Freeman's return in a source 2 engined powered Half Life 3!!!!!!!

My name is Ted Rogers and you have been watching 3 2 1! Goodnight and god bless.

Honest to god, this is what I feel like when watching someone do a cryptic crossword.

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