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I think it must have been Habaneros I got last year, as vegetarian options were a bit limited anywhere else. It was AMAZING and very much looking forward to it again this year. 


What I'm not looking forward to is that I'm only going tomorrow, and we're likely only about an hour away from the "Look at all the amazing stuff I got from Boardgameguru for £2.50" posts making me feel like I've missed out massively. 

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Having a great time so far, picked up a few games that were top of our list (including Azul which seems like gold dust at the moment) and tried out a few excellent new ones such as The Dice Dungeon and Ruthless. Even had a chat with Tom Vasel!


And yes, ate Meat Shack. Was pleased.

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Azul apprently sold out very quickly. We saw 1 copying displayed ‘to win’ once you’d been lured to the shop 


Played Newspeak (didn’t realise it was kick starter, a few real flaws), High Society (bought), Barebpark

(bought) and Imaginarium. (Liked)


Picked up The Mind and an Armada ship too


In open play took out Imperial Settlers which was pretty solid too.

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Had a great first day. Saw @moosegrinder briefly, production copies of NewSpeak, marvelled at all the lovely dice on sale, bought too many games and ate delicious street food.


Highlight was discovering the one-page RPG Jason Statham's Big Vacation. Looking forward to more gaming tomorrow!


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Hot tip: Pegasus have recently released the Istanbul Big Box for £34. Bargain for an excellent game and two expansions.


Missed out on a Village expansion in the bring and buy but did get to eat fried chicken and play some games so all is well. 


Imaginarium definitely worth a demo at the Asmodee stand.

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Cracking day...


The Mind is cracking.


got an absolute mint condition Cosmic Encounters for 25 quid at the BnB and we spent the whole evening playing it:


bought far too much. Shadespire is awesome:



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We played, loved and bought Fog of Love.


Escape Tales definitely worth a try.


Billy Kerr always busy when we walk by :(


Had burgers, hot dogs, brisket beef and crepes so far :wub: Canoodle next.

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Just the one day for me this year. Amazing how it grows year on year (how did THIS behemoth start at the Clarendon suites!) 


Most notable was playing Elite Dangerous, the card game. Good game!  Will buy when it's out.


Back next year of course!

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Yeah, it’s insane how big it’s got. Much nicer layout-wise this year, though, as today felt nowhere near as crowded as Saturday last year.


Another great day for us - picked up Hero Realms, got a signed copy of Deathtrap Dungeon from Ian Livingstone and now just back relaxing with some Santorini... I say 'relaxing' but it’s deceptively mind-bending strategy!


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On 31/05/2018 at 20:24, Skeeez said:


Hi @michael is any chance I can get a demo of this tomorrow afternoon or are you booked up already?

Sorry, I didn't see this - been working 16 hour days since Thursday running demos! We're doing sign ups in the morning, but you'll have to be quick, they go in minutes. 

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On 01/06/2018 at 19:34, The Hierophant said:

MeatShack is phenomenal. :D


Try Low ‘n’ Slow next. 


Low ‘n’ Slow was a good shout, thanks. The pulled pork was delicious!


Spent nearly all the day playing the 7 Wonders Duel tournament yesterday. Came joint 2nd with 5 wins and 2 losses. I’ve never done a tournament before and thoroughly enjoyed it. Would definitely do one again. Also managed to identify Padster so said hello to a fellow forumite:)


Nearly all my stuff on the bring and buy has sold now, nearly £300!, and I’ve “reinvested” a fair amount of it back into cardboard. Have bought sushi go party, keyper, santorini, 1989 dawn of freedom and champions of Midgard with 1 expansion.


It’s been a great expo so far. I’ve missed a couple and I can’t believe how much bigger it’s got. So much better than when it was just in the Hilton.

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Got there just past opening Friday! My word, they really need to sort out the morning entry system somehow; "Come on Thursday night instead" isn't really the solution.


Had a great day regardless. The stretch out to two halls has made as much of a difference as the move from Hilton to the NEC in the first place. Friday AM was like a pleasant walk, with it only really starting to fill up by the afternoon.




- Sub Terra: really, really enjoyed this as a 30 minute demo, immediately feels as if it'd be too long at an hour. Didn't go for it in the end because it's essentially the same mechanic as Forbidden Island/Desert and close to Pandemic which I spent the uhmming and ahing over a cheap Legacy version of.

- Imaginarium: did 3 turns of this and enjoyed it loads - more than enough for Moose to confirm he wanted to buy a copy of it.

- Blood Bowl: I just watched some demo games of this (because thankfully the GW stand was set up so much better than what they had at their own Fest) and had a read of the rulebook but, even after spotting a copy for £45, I didn't think it warranted buying into.


I think I demoed something else? Can't remember what it was now.


I struggled a bit because, having read about the weather warnings, I went dressed for an entirely different temperature than the one that was there and spent most of the day trying to combat melting (compounded by me being rotund). Won't make that mistake again.



Hadn't realised Ian Livingstone was there until I saw him and he looked a bit grumpy so I just gave him a nod of recognition and a slight smile as I sweated my way past him. Saw ThereAreRules twice from afar; once on his stand with his celebrity friends, and another time at a stall where he was stood by Moose but I'm not sure either of them recognised each other and I was too busy rehydrating to bound over and say hello.


I joined the queue of the B&B twice before remembering I'm over 40 now and each second counts more than fighting through that room to try to find a bargain, and abandoned it each time as a result.


There was a really nice ice cream stall hidden away at the back of of the tournament area, recommended.


Was remarkably restrained in my spending this year. I've definitely hit a spot in my gaming where if I see a price of £35+ I immediately hesitate and question if it's worth it, and with so many games above that price point it's cause for a lot of pauses.


After spending pretty much all the time I was there deliberating over a £48 copy of Pandemic Legacy I left without it, and got just:


- Stuffed Fables (looks like it fixes every problem I had with Mice & Mystics)

- Flamme Rouge (already played twice, and it's fantastic)

- High Society (played twice, really like it which is good because I only bought it thanks to pretty pictures)

- Shadowspire Orks expansion (which I got because I realised the main reason I wanted BB was because I love the orc minis)

- some paint


Suspect I'll sell some more stuff now and then use that to buy Pandemic at a higher cost plus postage because I'm a fucking idiot.


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3 hours ago, SimonC said:

Spent nearly all the day playing the 7 Wonders Duel tournament yesterday. Came joint 2nd with 5 wins and 2 losses. I’ve never done a tournament before and thoroughly enjoyed it. Would definitely do one again. 


Congrats! What was the prize pool like?


Was it with the expansion or just the base game?

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Had a great time yesterday, my only regret was not trying to make proper conversation with SU&SD guys. Everyone was so busy.


Bought Escape from the Temple which has been on my list for ages but I have never managed to pick up before. Hive pocket which will be great for when we go trekking. Blades in the Dark as a book rather than relying on the PDF as I have before, and a carry bag for my Infinity miniatures. My friend bought me the wooden insert for Gloomhaven which was very generous of him. I suspect putting that together that will be this afternoons job.


I spent a good long time chatting to the main creator of Shadows of Esteren, which I have Kickstarted a couple of times. It was a really interesting talk. The chap from Battlesystems was kind enough to give me free stuff when I chatted to him about his Kickstarter (which I also did) and some past correspondence we have had.


Played Fog of Love which I liked a lot but could not afford on top of the other stuff and generally had a great time. I would like to play it some more.


I was overwhelmed at the beginning and tired come the end. Glad I went and will go next year for sure. Not sure I could do more than a day though. Although an evening playing i attractive. We ended up going home and playing Gloomhaven until midnight anyway. I did not play enough demos, so maybe I have got more in me than I did this time.

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Played a ton of games... would’ve played more but I think in the main hall a lot of the game tests were being played from start to finish. Some folks were parked at Twilight imperium and fallout for agesss. I’d rather that main hall was used for demos where folks play a couple of rounds and moved on.


really enjoyed the tester sessions of Shadespire, Dark Souls card game, Village Attacks but my highlight from the show was probably Firefly Adventures, a cracking 1-5 skirmish type game but with really nice non combat options.


also, played out regular expo Sheriff of Nottingham... still brilliant.


on the way home now...

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