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Had a thoroughly enjoyable day, didn't pick up anything to extravagant (first ever Fighting Fantasy book though..). Had a very relaxed vibe to it even though some of the rooms got pretty crowded at times. Heard comments from people as I walked through that this year was much better organised than last years.

One of the best game demos I played was King Brick. Such a simple premise but ridiculously fun to play. Didn't get a chance to play it, but Conflicting Kingdoms looked very interesting, may have to follow that one up.

Think next year i'll drag the kids along with me. :blah:

I hadn't noticed your Kingbrick comment the first time I read your post but we all loved Kingbrick. My daughter begged me to buy a copy as soon as we'd finished the demo and the next day my mate's son bought his own copy. It's fantastic fun and I would think it's only a matter of time before it's picked up by a big publisher. It wouldn't surprise me at all if this game made it big.:)


And there isn't anything as big as this anywhere else in the UK. There are a few smaller game events dotted around and I'll try and find you more details when I get more time later. The big show is in Germany in October which is the one we all aspire to go to.

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Yup, I'm off to Spiel in October (which is four days, but about ten times the size). The next decent sized UK event is Dragoncon in London in November.

Seriously, there's such a gap... we should have a Dog Show.

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Hang on while I think about it ....The Cast are Dice is meant to be a lot of fun.

It's organised by the owners of Shire Games which is based in Stoke on Trent, but don't hold that against them, it ran for a few years and was very successful and highly anticipated but for various reasons had a bit of a hiatus. This year it's back. I won't be able to go but it should be a good day out for anyone around the midlands.

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So this has come around again. It's slightly earlier this year as the show has moved forward one weekend because of the Queen's jubilee and the moving of the bank holiday so it's on the weekend of the 26th May in Birmingham.

More details http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/

I'm hoping a friend of mine is heading down in his car as I'm intending to sell a massive wadge of games at the second hand games stall that they run. A massive clear out is on the cards as I've run out of room and finally seem to be over the hoarding stage of my games addiction.

Who else is going down for the weekend?

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Look at the website everyone. It's got a lot of info on it, look in the events and whats on menus and you should find a list of all the RPG sessions, new games etc. For anyone who hasn't tried it Living Munchkin is a right old laugh and is well worth the entrance fee but make sure you book it as it pretty much sold out before the show last time.


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Oh, and can I just take games there and sell them?

There's 'Bring & Buy' stall. Info here:


I went for the first time last year and loved it. This year, I'm staying over, I've already got my ticket and have booked RPGs to play all day Friday and Sunday. I've left Saturday free at the moment for mooching round the show and some ad hoc gaming in the evening :)

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My group aren't going to do the Munchkin this year but anyone who hasn't tried it should give it a go. If you're taking games to sell then make the bring and buy stall your first port of call as it's super busy and it's better to get your games dumped and up for sale so you can get on with the browsing. It can take a little while as you have to check in your games and set the price.

I'll be rushing there first and then off to try and snag a copy of Zoom Zoom Kaboom which I played last year but missed out on my own copy as it sold out.


There's some really interesting new stuff coming up. 2 player Agricola. Lots of new RPG stuff for those so inclined. First chance to see Redakai in the UK, I think. Chronicles of Skin, don't know what to make of this one but it looks intriquing. Mythotopia which is a fantasy game using the system from A Few Acres of Snow! Space Mission which Michael talked about on the last LMD, I think.

And the Galaxy Trucker expansion on the CGE stand.

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I'm compiling a list of games to sell at the Expo, I haven't worked out all the prices yet but they will be keen since I'm not going to be getting into all the hassle of posting. Someone asked for first dibs on the list so here it is although only really of any use to you if you are going to the show. Prices to follow.

10 Days in Africa

51st State

Antler Island

Army of Frogs

Ascension: Return of the Fallen



Battleship Express

Battlestar Galactica

Beowulf: The Movie Boardgame (rethemed Kingdoms)


Carpe Astra

Clue Express

Cluedo Super Sleuth

Duel in the Dark inc. Early Nights Expansion and Complete Edition Expansion


En Garde (Slugfest card game)

Formula De Mini

Hera and Zeus


Kapitan Wackelpudding (with english cards from Artscow)


Master Labyrinth

Middle Earth Quest

Monuments: Wonders of Antiquity

My Dwarves Fly

Nightfall with 2 extra promo cards


Paris Paris


Pitchcar Mini with Extension 1 and 2.


Portobello Market

Return of the Heroes (With Under the Shadow of the Dragon Expansion inc in the box)

Risk Express

Risk: Balance of Power

Starship Catan


Talisman (Black Isle version with the FFG upgrade)

Tempus (Original instructions missing but printout from BGG)

Ticket to Ride Dice Expansion

War for Edadh set inc: main game and Art of Conflict:Angueth and Art of Conflict:Huaos-Dzaa plus figatures


Zombie in my Pocket

Zooloretto with a couple of small expansions:Additional buildings, petting zoo, polar bear, building sites and extra enclosures.

If all that fits in the boot it's going to be on the bring and buy sale priced to go. That will clear some space. :)

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Pending price I'd definitely be interested in Portobello Market, that's been on my to buy list for a bit.

Not actually decided if I'm going to the expo yet, mind.

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