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Is the forum playing up at the minute? I edited my post to put in the prices I'll be sticking the games on the stall for and then it wouldn't let me post them. grumble, grumble. I'll try again later if I have time. As a guide I was going to put Portobello and Risk up for £10 and Zooloretto for £20 and Onirim for £7.

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I'll be there both days arriving quite early on Saturday to get my games on the stall and have an initial look around with the rest of my group. We tend to spend most of the day there on the Saturday. Sundays is always a lot quieter so we normally go mid morning for a few hours and then head home mid-afternoon.

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Oh shit you guys are going? I'm torn. I was going, and helping out the UKGMN, but had to withdraw because of the amount of time I'm away from home at the moment. Now my lad and wife are going to a kids 4th birthday party so I'm on my lonesome.

So, I could come down to socialise and I could come down to snag some bargains. What's the bring and buy stall like? Decent prices to be had or silly stuff?

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Come down for giggles, Pele! There'll be plenty of good stuff on the Bring and Buy stall, there always is. I'll be bringing a bunch of stuff too.

If any of you lot have trouble getting in, give me a shout :)

I'm intrigued what is going to prevent people getting in. Rough bouncers? Entry quiz? Small doors? Goose?


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The games expo goose is a notorious bastard.

I meant more like if there are long queues, I can come out and get people in with my pass :) Much quicker.

That makes more sense, I'll admit. But I can't help but be a bit disappointed.

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No probs Michael! I'm sure I'll have plenty to pick from. My hope is that all the usual suspects will show up as everyone tried them and I don't have them. Which means I can nab them while everyone pours over a copy of Warhammer Quest or something.

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Saturday tickets booked!

I'm actually in the area on work on Friday so, if I can, I'll pick up my ticket the day before. Is it somewhere I need to get to early, or can I mooch up around lunch and still have a good look at some decent stuff amongst the traders, the bring and buy stall and everything else? I'm not booking in on sessions beforehand.

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Either's an option. Apparently this year the Bring and Buy is going to be bigger this year. 2011 had them secluded away in a teeny room and there were the looooooongest queues - hopefully this year will be better organised :)

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I've done it, got all my games selected and boxed up. My friend has picked them up in his car for the journey down to Brum at the end of the week and I'm already tired at the thought of lugging them through the building and checking them in at the stall. Luckily I will have a few people there to help me. For those interested this is the list of games now going and the price they will be on the stall.

Asteroyds £15

Beowulf the Movie Boardgame £9

Duel in the Dark + Early Nights + Complete Edition £20

Battlestar Galactica £20

Talisman + Fantasy Flight Upgrade £20

Return of the Heroes + Under the Shadow of the Dragon £20

Kapitan Wackelpudding + English cards £18

Middle Earth Quest £25

Scotland Yard £10

Master Labyrinth £12

Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space RPG + GM Screen £20

Dungeons and Dragons Red Box £12

Paris Paris £10

Emerald £10

Incursion £15

Royal Palace £10

Portobello Market £10

Formula De Mini £10

Zooloretto £17

Ave Caesar £12

Poison £8

Tempus (missing original instructions contains printout from BGG) £8

Pitchcar Mini + Extension 1 + Extension 2 £25

Ice Flow £8

Monuments: Wonders of Antiquity £12

Wreckage £9

Magdar £6

Risk: Balance of Power £10

Shazamm £9

Uno £3

Scrabble Card Game £3

Rising Kings £6

Nightfall £18

Clue Express £5

Risk Express £5

Battleship Express £5

51st State £12

Battl Khaos £9

Carpe Astra £9

10 Days in Africa £9

Ascension: Return of the Fallen £12

Sumeria £9

Inka £9

Aton £9

Rat Hot £9

Starship Catan £10

Army of Frogs £10

War for Edadh:The beginning + Angueth + Huaos Dzaa + figatures £12

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This is going to be an expensive trip. I better do my research ahead of getting there and compile a list of stuff I want, because you've got at least 3 there I've had in my hand elsewhere (BSG, Duel In The Dark, Pitchcar). Eep.

Need to make sure I for but any that are no good for us. Christ help me if an old Descent is there. Would love a copy of Doom, suspect I'll be lucky if it's there.

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Here's what I'm thinking of bringing for the Bring and Buy:

Wings of Glory (Ares) - £20

Hotel (MB) - £15

Mundus Novus (Asmodee) - £12

Core Worlds - (Stronghold) £15

Dungeon Run (Plaid Hat) - £20

Duel of Ages (Venatic) - £15

JAB Realtime Boxing (Tasty Minstrel) - £5

Nefarious - (Ascora) £15

Sid Meier's Civilisation (FFG) - £20

Any interest, folks?

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