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I was down that way today for something else, but I'm only an hour north (Stoke way).

Right, I'm aiming to get there for 11, mainly to placate the wife with some semblance of time together. Am I a) getting there too late and b) screwed when it comes to parking?

I also note I'll miss the UKGMN seminar which is a shame as CSP is a part of it.

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OK, going tomorrow (a friend reminded me today so we're going together).

Will be bringing my big-boxed RISK and my D&D 3.5 Oriental Adventures expansion, to see if I can get shot of them.

Looking for just about anything good, though I'd like to try and get a copy of RISK: Balance of Power (that's the 2-player Cold War one), and maybe Star Munchkin or Munchkin-Fu.

If anyone's looking for me, I'll be wearing my VGCats red "Bitch be trippin' balls!" t-shirt.


We expect to get there about 11:30, with any luck.

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Hey all, do you set your own prices on the bring & buy? If so, can someone advise me about these?

Risk - relatively new edition. It's the last one that used the "Napoleonic Wars" styling

Oriental Adventures for D&D 3rd Edition (large hardback book)

box "lot" of 20+ heroclix minis with a quick start guide, main ones being:

>> Ultimates Punisher (in shootdodge pose)

>> Rare silver Magneto

>> Special Edition Iron Man

>> Captain America

Also the BESM (Big Eyes Small Mouth) anime role-playing sourcebook, 2nd edition revised

Any ballpark figures will be really helpful as I literally have no clue.

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You do set your own prices for the bring and buy, and then 15% is skimmed off the top of whatever it's sold for, and donated to charity.

As for what they're worth - literally no idea, sorry :) Rev might know about the Heroclix, IIRC he played/plays a bit.

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Awesome day just home and chilling with a beer.

Played a few games - an RPG with the kids and a Magic-like CCG.Saw a few Space-Hulk kinda games there- one by Mantic and the other by Z War One - looked pretty interesting. Spent a while watching some of the War Machine tourney and loved the Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone Top 10 rundown, (good work Michael!!), Also stayed for the Going Cardboard Documentary which was good, if a little long - maybe two shorter docs would be good. Split into culture and designing your own game.

Went yesterday as well for the RPG sessions at the Strathallan (RPGs are more my thing than board games anyway). Played an awesome game of Traveller and an also awesome game of Savage Worlds Pulp in the evening. Probably go back for a another session tomorrow - it's handy living pretty close :)

Definitely as good as last year,if not better. Yeah Bring and Buy is a bit cramped but at least they acted on the comments from last year and they've got plans in motion for 2013. Be interesting to see how it gets on at the Metropole Hilton at the NEC.

Here's what I bought:


ManOWar from the Bring & Buy, the new Leagues of Adventure from Triple Ace, couple of FASA Earthdawn books, a 100 card gaming box for my Gamma World cards, and an RPG weather dice :)

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Hey! This was pretty sweet actually - wasn't sure what to expect before getting there but it was pretty well laid out with the exception of the Bring and Buy, which is potentially the Hottest Place on Earth. Big ups to TAR, Michael, Steph and Pelekophoros :)

Was hoping to find something for the wife and I to play, but instead ended up coming home with a kids' game featuring bunnies instead and some dice with bunnies on. Far from me being that guy who goes "YOU NEED TO DO THIS" but some things I enjoyed were:

- Conflicting Kingdoms; a mixture of a TCG and a board game, you make the board out of cards and have a character piece who you move around the "board", combat rolls are made, etc - lots of fun and you can get two decks for a tenner

- Redakai; An interesting TCG concept where the cards are see-through and you place damage cards over the top of character cards. Aimed at kids but fun to demo; you can't actually buy it at the expo though!

- Ace of Spies; I know this is forum favourite Michael's project but Moose, Pele, TAR and myself got together for a game of this late on in the day and it is a lot of fun. The card drawing mechanics are reminiscent of Ticket to Ride but there's a lot of direct interaction with your opponents, lots of backstabbing and it is genuinely a hell of a lot of fun. Try it out and then get backing on Kickstarter!

There's plenty of shops - be sure to shop around for what you want a little, there's a few places selling stuff at RRP but GamesLore especially were offering really attractive prices on stuff, a good 15-ish percent off most stuff, and if you make a purchase ask nicely and they might give you some Dominion promos too :) Spirit Games had four Dominion Promos to GamesLore's two, but they requires you to spend £50 or buy a version of Dominion to get hold of one... I'd rather have just given them a fiver JUST for the promos, but so be it! Entitled gamer alert...

My haul was:

2x Batman vs The Joker Vs. System starters (£1 the pair!)

Galactus Vs. System "raid" deck (£2!)

Korea/China Power Grid board

2x Conflicting Kingdoms decks (seriously, give this one a try - the slightly low-budget art does no favours to a fun concept)

8x UFS starter decks (fiver!)

Kinder Bunnies (from the bring and buy)

Enough dice to play Yahtzee with

The Bring and Buy can be a little hit and miss at times, missed out on a couple of things and spent a fair few occasions finding nothing to buy, but did see an original printing of Funkenschlag (Power Grid) which was a thing of complete beauty - if I didn't already own the game I'd probably have bought that one, but at £18 it was a bit of an unnecessary spend. Truly a thing of beauty though:



If anyone sees a sub £10 Ascension Chronicle of the Godslayer, or luna llena full moon (http://boardgamegeek...llena-full-moon) I can pay via Paypal.

There was one of the first expansion at the Bring and Buy for a tenner, but not Chronicle - cheapest one I saw was £18.

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Had a great day. Met up with Moose, Donk, TAR, JohnnyAlpha, Michael and more from the UKGMN, some only briefly. What a lovely bunch of people you all are. 

I was a little scared when I first walked in - my first cos player sighting was a fat Clone Trooper - but it soon improved. I spent an hour getting acclimatised before I met Moose and Donk and then we just kinda ambled about, drifting apart and coming back together occasionally. All nice and informal and it was good just to have friendly faces amongst the army of aggressive man children. 

I made a strong bee line for the bring and buy from the off which was a mistake. Sure, there are games at decent prices there but it's buried beneath mounds of absolute shit and overpriced garbage (£125 for the original Aliens game + expansion? £49 for a second hand dread fleet that's on all the stores at £55 new?). Despite multiple attempts, I came away with only Dragon Quest and the games I'd previously arranged to collect from Michael. There was stuff there - I just missed out on a copy of Fortune & Glory for £59 (which turned out to be good luck) - but I'm not sure it's worth the effort. The management of this is something they probably really need to look at for next year. 

I watched the SJ and IL talk which was good fun then bought a couple of books for them to sign (following advice from TherAreRules). Can't really put into words what it meant to meet two dudes who've been so influential in the pop culture experiences I associate with my life, but I thanked them for it anyway.

A good day was rounded off with a blinding game of Ace Of Spies - which is fucking ace by the way and you should all back it now - and I'll be shocked that any of the guys meet me again.

The final haul then:


Biggest bargains were Dwarf King's Hold: Dead Rising for £8 and Fortune & Glory for £40 because the boxes were a little bent. It was one store of madness and relatively short lived - I missed Gets Of War (dunno price) and Twilight Imperium for £37.50 (though it wouldn't get played at mine) - but they had those 2 bargains so I was happy. 

Some prices were way off on stuff, others really good but well worth a trip overall. Things I'd do differently? Play more games, talk to more people, be a bit less flummoxed. The first is probably more important though - I treated this as a shopping trip and missed out on a lot because of it, next year will be different. 

Also, hopefully air conditioned. 

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asura and filecore, can't believe we missed you (although I did get your streetpass hit on my 3DS). A fantastic day, thanks all, and my haul:

Suan Juan for £5. Oh yes.

The 2-Player Agri-Cola game, all animals large and little. £16.66 (and let me know how you want that jonny).

And some messages for the forum from Jackson and Livingstone.

The only thing I would do differently next year is try to play more games, otherwise amazing stuff.

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The only thing I would do differently next year is try to play more games, otherwise amazing stuff.

I should probably aim for this too - got four or five demos over the course of the day but would have liked to go for a couple more. Sometimes it's difficult to know what to choose to sit down and play though! I'm a bit fairweather compared to some of the attendees at these kind of things (despite playing board and card games several times a week) and miniatures games don't really interest me, so there's a lot of stuff there that's just not up my street.

Might do both days next year - will probably attempt to demo WoWTCG for a day assuming I'm still playing, then explore for the other.

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