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Games and Films which are too similar

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Well I was re-watching 'The Rock' the other night as I hadn't seen it in years and I was well aware how parts are stolen wholesale in MW2, such as the shower gunfight. But there's much more than that, even spilling over into Black Ops. So for example...

The Shower Scene is the same structure in both the film and the game, the difference being in the Film an old SAS soldier helps them break in, whereas in the game, they break an old SAS soldier out.

They both feature scenes where the protagonists break in underwater in full scuba gear.

Both the game and the film feature scenes where the protagonist must stop a military sanctioned bombing via the use of Green Flares.

The main bad guy in both film and game is of a military general unhappy with the treatment of the death of fellow soldiers, who then recruits his own band of mercenaries.

The character of 'Mason' in The Rock was locked up for procuring a microfilm with the FBI's top secrets; including who really assassinated JFK. The main character of black ops is 'Mason' who , via a crappy plot twist, is exposed as the individual to have murdered JFK.

In The Rock, the antagonist is played by Ed Harris. One of the first lines is 'Congressman Weaver and esteemed members of the Special Armed Services Committee, I come before you to protest a grave injustice... It has to stop' . Black Ops has an antagonist named Weaver who you have to interrogate ...with a character voiced by Ed Harris.

Ed Harris character in The Rock was a commander in the Vietnam war, Ed Harris character in Black Ops is prominently featured in the Vietnam parts of Black Ops.

Both MW2 and The Rock are scored by Hans Zimmer

I know that IW made those influences quite clear but this is a 2 game spread by 2 different developers. Lol. Any others?

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Infinity Ward built their success on incredibly obvious 'homage' to film and TV. Call of Duty 1 in particular is just a roll-call of rip-offs from Band of Brothers and Enemy at the Gates (with a brief detour into Stephen Ambrose's book account of Pegasus Bridge).

Brothers in Arms also wears its 'influence' on its sleeve. They even copied the same 'title card' as Band of Brothers.

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District Nine has a few things borrowed from Half Life 2. But in a good way.





Plus it has a gravity gun and a few other things, mostly weapons and tech rather than story etc. Though there's a Freeman element in Wikus. Blomkamp is a big gamer though so I'm sure it cribs from Halo and some other of his favourite games too.

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Also I couldn't believe how much fighting games seem to have nicked bits from "Bloodsport". Worst offenders seem to be the Virtua Fighter series and Mortal Kombat.

Street Fighter is the king of ripping stuff from Bloodsport, especially E-Honda. Unless Street Fighter came first I guess.

This isn’t actually a film but Alpha Protocol is basically Burn Notice: The Game. There are so many parallels that I think there’s no way the game wasn’t influenced by Burn Notice.

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PotC was actually going to be a Monkey Island film, until they changed it.

Apparently they had penned a Monkey Island film but it never went any further, the guy who wrote it went on to write (or at the very least work on) the PotC film.

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It's a bit of a stretch, but I believe that Cloverfield was quite heavily influenced by Half Life 2: Episode One. Not only is it similar thematically (exploring a city being destroyed) but it's also got a very similar structure - an extended action set-up, followed by a trip underground fighting zombie-esque creatures, then walking into the harsh sunlight, then a diversion that they don't really have time for, then an apparent escape that turns bad at the last moment.

JJ Abram's is on record as a fan of the Half-Life games (I guess that's why there's a Super 8 trailer included with Portal 2), it it seems pretty plausible.

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Heavy Rain / Mystic River

Only Mystic River (2003) is a much better film than HR, which may be an unfair criticism but when you start out wanting to make an interactive videogame to rival a movie experience thats where the comparison should be made.

What? :lol:

The two have nothing in common besides both having humans and crime in them. And a slightly watery title!

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