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GC Zelda Bonus Disk £9.95 from COMET


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My local indie supplier wants £35 for the disk, complete with dvd box and photocopied cover. Arse!!!

If only I'd got my act together and got to Comet early Friday morning and got my £9.95 copy then. Back up to £50 by Saturday.

If anyone has a spare mint copy and will sell it for £15 please pm. Ta.

Tis the season to be jolly...

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I was wandering around a local game today and noticed a woman buying a game cube (along with zelda disk) she was trying to swap it for mario sunshine, and the man wouldnt let her. I breezed up beside her and offered 15 quid for the zelda disk, she accepted.

Try this approach.

Also, i noticed just how many game cubes were being sold....

... Loads.



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Hi - heres my little tale

I was in GAME lakeside on christmas eve. They were getting rid of a lot of damaged stock ( I managed to get a monsters inc game for my daughter for £7 ) and the customer paying just to the left of me was trying to get a GC SSX Tricky for 99p (unboxed).

The guy looking for the game tried for about 10 minutes. While the guy was looking the customer said

"how do i get one of those zelda bonus disks if i've already got a gamecube?"

The guy behind the counter muttered something about checking this situation out as he carried on looking for the ssx.

A few minutes later he comes to the customer and says

"sorry mate, I can't find ssx - but you can have one of the zelda discs as compensation for keeping you waiting for so long."!!!!!

"Excuse me," says I, "but can I have one of those to?"

"No sorry mate, I',m only giving him one because I kept him waiting so long"

"Oh - go on, it is christmas" I say

"oh - alright then - here you go"

and so I leave GAME with a lovely Zelda disc completely free of charge!

Good eh.

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No. If it was me, I'd have laughed in your face, shoved a copy of the Zelda disk down my pants, and told you to go fish for it if you wanted it that badly... but then that's just me. And if I worked at Game, I'd have to do something to pass the time.

But anyway. I guess it goes to show that it's the people who make a difference, not the Corporation.

Maybe Game employees all start out idealistic, and quickly have it all ground out of them by overweight "Damn I'm Ugly" mothers wanting to buy Psycho Rapist 2 for their 8 year old, and the rest of their countless screaming spawn pissing all over the floor.

True story.

Apart from Psycho Rapist 2. That was just in my head.

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I managed to get my order into the Comet website just before the price increase and received a confirmation email.

While I have'nt received the disc yet I also have'nt recieved an "out of stock" email either so i'm hoping it's just been delayed in the post.

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