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The Resistance is good. Easy to learn, games last about 30 mins, it's basically Werewolf, but with no power roles, but also no-one gets killed, which is pretty important if you're playing with a big group (eg it can be a bit boring in Werewolf if you get killed early doors). I think the max players is 10 for the vanilla set.

Dixit is a great party game, again it's v. quick to explain, max players is only 6 though IIRC. It's quite simple, but stretches the imagination part of your brain. Good for playing with "non-gamers".

On the Forbidden Island tip, Flash Point: Fire Rescue is a similar type of game (co-op, race against time), but has a bit more depth than Forbidden Island imo. It can also go wrong hilariously quickly, if you get very unlucky with rolls etc. NB- I'd suggest not playing with the fire hose character, as he makes it a bit too easy.

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I finally got round to buying one of these - we got Forbidden Island (£15, who could resist) for my OH's birthday. Played some this morning and it has gone down a treat :D It's nice because the first few goes we were all thinking 'Uhh.. this seems REALLY easy' then all of a sudden you're flooded to oblivion. Nice balance.

Definitely will be investing in others in the future too, so thanks for all the recommendations

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