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Thanks for the nod but I'm pretty sure Witty is the better CB - much less error prone than myself! :P

As for the rest of it? Can't quite believe it... 77 games straight as a CB? ERK! It has been well worth sticking around (not that anybody else has wanted me! FOOLS!). Watching the club develop from an 'also ran' to a really decent hard-working team. I think the best thing (at the moment) is that we don't rely on a single player - everybody has been really good across the park and dug in when we really needed to. Well played chaps! :hat:

I have a nice, if a little unfashionable, C.V now:

Won City's first and last title.

Won Town's first (and only) title.

Won Wanderers first (of many) titles.

Have yet to finish in 6th place.

1 Yellow Card in 195 league matches. (Stupid 'A' tackle yellow! Bastardos!)

6 net busting goals in 195 league matches (Steve Bould-esk. Oh yeah!)

Club Appearances

[[12 Seasons - 195 games]]

Wanderers - 77

Town - 56

City - 28

Athletic - 18

Rovers - 16

United - 0

Managerial History

Acquired by: Tomox02 (Town, Season 2 - Runner Up), Steely (City, Season3 - Won Title), unleashedmaniac/Tobert (Town, Season 4 - Won Title in Season5), Nathan (PAthletic, Season 7 - Athletic self destructed but still finished 3rd), Steely [tap-up] (City, Season 8 - Won Title), Mackenie (Rovers, Season 9), Joffy (Wanderers, Season 10 - Won title in Season13 with Mackenie).

Sold by: Tomox02 (Town, Season 3), Steely (City, Season 4), Tomox02 (Town, Season 7), Steely (City, Season 9), sith (Season 10, Rovers). I can forgive Steely... but the other two? NEVAAAR!

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Baaw!! To be fair you have sold me twice from my 'boyhood' club - I can't really remember the circumstances around the sales. But upon closer inspection, every time you have sold me, I went on to win the league. So maybe there is something 'forgiveable' in that.

I think Sith offloaded me as soon as he could... boo!!! hiss!!! etc!!! :hmm:

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You do yourself a disservice, Rogue. I've done little more than follow your line and hold my position. Your ability to step out and win tackles is way beyond me. Every time I've tried to emulate that, I usually miss the ball entirely, leaving a gaping hole behind me (usually filled by buttons being his excellent self).

For me, there was never any doubt about player of the season. Wanderers won the league off the back of our defence, and you were the absolute centrepoint of that defence. Solid as a rock. :)

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