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I don't think I've ever followed the development of a game with as much interest as this one. For the past year I've been checking the dev blog, keeping an eye on each conference appearance, and reading every feature or interview that crops up on the web. Applications for an early-access Windows beta opened yesterday so there's quite a bit more talk about it right now. It's $15 to sign up, including a copy of the finished game.

The concept is a fairly simple one: a two player game where one person is a spy and the other a sniper. Initially set at a fancy cocktail party, it's a nervy battle of deception versus perception as the spy tries to complete missions (bug the ambassador, transfer a microfilm hidden in a bookshelf, etc), remaining undetected as the sniper looks on through a rifle scope, hunting for various tells to deduce or intuit the target. It's all about bluffing, second guessing, scrutinising every detail and being suspicious of each action.


It's a one man development by Chris Hecker, who worked on Spore a few years ago. He's putting a lot of effort to give the game multiple layers of depth and to reward skill, giving the two player types an array of strategies to pitch against each other. For the spy, it ranges from the character chosen, what behaviour to use as cover whilst attempting your task (chat casually, trying to look like an NPC, create a distraction...), to the skill with which the action is executed - get your timing off and you're punished with an animation that will give you away if the sniper is watching. The sniper has a more limited range of actions, but can make the spy nervous with a sweep of the laser target. There are possible plans for the sniper to access security cameras and video playback.

As a lot of games are so sprawling and fantastic, seeing one that is so taught, dense and human is pretty fascinating. High hopes.

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Been following this for AGGGES, it's a cool concept,

The term "AAA" indie game annoys me intensely.

ditto, I'm sure there was a thread for this already but I can't find it. Anyway, really looking forward for this and have signed up for the beta.

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Has nobody else on the forum picked this up?


It's absolutely brilliant. I've sunk a whole load of time in Keep Talking and Town of Salem but this is on another level in terms of depth, tension, variety. £20 might seem a stretch but it's a steal. 

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