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Black Mirror

Nick R

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7 hours ago, Pete said:

It's got to be. Great to see that building in East Croydon being used, thought it was just me that appreciates it!


Oh yes, I'd say definitely. It would seemingly fit the theme and "excuse" it being released on its own. I was just covering my arse in case it doesn't turn out to be that episode. :P

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9 hours ago, robotattack said:

This is supposedly (ie not officially confirmed) the rumoured interactive episode and there are 312 minutes of footage in all.


Is this possible these days?


Can a Netflix show branch if the user supplies an input?


It's interesting. I dunno if I'd just choose to do nothing and see what happens.




EDIT: The pills down the bog clip seems to support the possibilities. Take your anti-psychotics(?) or not.

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Heads up that this requires one of the latest versions of the Netflix app because of how it pre-caches two different choices at once - something that isn't possible on older versions of the app. If you own an old Smart TV then you might have an outdated version of the Netflix app but you should be able to watch it on newer TVs, consoles, tablets and phones as well as on web.

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Pretty decent read on Wired on his this came to be. 


Finished watching now and was more impressed by the mechanics than the actual story but still a fantastic piece of entertainment. 


Comments about ending below:-


I've had a few endings so far. First one and favourite one was getting on the train with mum and then dying on set. Had others as well but don't want to put too much until others have experienced a few more of the denouements. 


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6 minutes ago, Pete said:

I'll be interested to know the ending everyone got first time through

  Reveal hidden contents

I chopped the body up, got the game finished and then it went into the future and showed it being remade



My ending:




The game was never made, Stefan found out my Dad was hiding his toy rabbit in his safe. Stefan warped back to his younger self and hid the rabbit back under his bed after speaking to his Dad in the locked room.

The younger Stefan re-finds the toy under the bed when his Mum comes to the bedroom door and they both get on the later train together.

The last scene is in Dr. Haynes room, a paramedic pronounces Stefan has suddenly died, with his Dad crying next to him and Dr. Haynes saying Stefan was just sitting there talking and then died.





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1 hour ago, yakumo said:

Stupid question but I guess you definitely need Netflix for this, is there any way of experiencing it?


That’s an interesting stupid question. Is this immune to piracy?


Anyway my ending was...





Leap through the window

Exit to credits


Terrible ending but...



It’s how I roll.



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