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How could we give the FPS a shot in the arm?


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Falcon on the Amiga did the same sort of thing for the flightsim with its campaign mode. It worked really nicely, and gave a real incentive to replay and do better.

I remember that. I was rubbish at it. :)

Great version of Ride of the Valkries, though.

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I think that Op. Flashpoint is the most evolution the FPS has seen for a while. Genuinely open, with that Deus Ex feeling of being able to solve problems any way you like, with well intergrated vehicles- Tanks, Jeeps, loads of choppers and A-10s!

It also really provokes an emotional response, and reinforces your identity with the protagonists. Seeing a jokey conversation with your friends, just minutes before they're mercilessly gunned down by a tank is still one of the most shocking things I've seen in a game.

Absolutely stunning, and never really got the widespread critical acclaim it deserved. Also it was developed more or less independently, only being picked up by Codemasters AFAIK towards the end of its development.

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