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so I finally tried the rally expansion today and the only thing THE ONLY THING I dislike is how the dirt effects are still on in multi - it's not easy rallying from a first person perspective when the ghosts in front of you are whipping up the dirt.

Everything else - well, fuck, it's a complete homage to the mid 90's golden age of rallying games. Something from Sega Rally, something from Network Q RAC... once again this game has me in absolute awe.

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Just picked this up in Asda for £29, mostly on the strength of the love it's getting in this thread. Impulse buy FTW.

I'm definitely getting the rally DLC for 1600 spacebucks [£11 ish] (again, on the strength of this thread). So now I'm pondering the season pass, which is 4000 spacebucks [so another £17 on top of the rally pack]. Can anyone say whether it's worth that or not?

Google and the dashboard description suggests the other content in the season pass, apart from the rally stuff, is half a dozen car packs, which sell for 400 points each anyway -- which means the season pass doesn't have a discount. Which seems weird. I've always shied away from car packs in Forza, feeling it had enough cars already, but does anyone think otherwise?

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the rally pack is superb, just found myself zoning out on it and the second I kicked back into consciously trying to play messed it all up again.

style is sega rally and rallisport for me which is perfect.

value of the season pass over buying the pack alone really depends on the cars in the dlc packs and whether you think there is enough value to justify the extra dosh. I have to say I've not found myself buying and changing cars as much in Horizon as Forza 4 so not felt the need to get the car packs, but the Rally pack itself is pretty much essential.

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I've pondered it and I think I'll pass on the Season Pass. 2400 points is a lot. If I change my mind down the road, I can buy a car pack or two of there's a particular car I really want -- which seems very unlikely.

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Personally, I bought all the car packs for FM4, but only the Rally Pack for Horizon. Beyond a couple of the classics, there's nothing really that grabs my attention and I can't see myself putting hours into specific cars like I did in FM4 - I spent a lot of time tuning some of the older cars to surprise some people!

Anyone up for some Online Roaming action this weekend? It's the only thing I haven't spent a lot of time in yet, and I'd like to experience hanging out some more (As well as getting the achievement!)

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The car packs are pretty damn weak in this in terms of the content offered for the price (as if FM4's were ever value for money in the first place). The problem this game has for car content over FM4 is that with the effects of the handling dampened you're often only buying skins rather than a new driving experience...

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Whilst the car packs are far from essential, they have so far all featured cars that were complimentary to the game. In that I mean they do fit in with the game and add to it's universe. They generally handle extremely well and where applicable offer enough upgrades and alternative body kit parts to be considered a fair deal.

Speaking as a Forza car collecting obsessive I haven't been disappointed so far as they all bring something desirable to the game. Only problem is that they can be extremely expensive to purchase with in game credits as a reflection of their real world value. However the game does make it easy enough to grind out credits without too much repetition or sense of "grinding" at all.

Also there doesn't seem to be any limit on how many cars you can add to your garage with the Forza limit of 550 apparently the same as Horizon.

At 400 points a month £3.33 or thereabouts it's not a ridiculous amount if you intend to treat the game as a long term investment.

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Another vote for the RS200 here, though I've been using the Escort Cosworth for A-spec rallies.

The DLC is nails, though. I was struggling to crack the top ten on most stages and thought I'll tone it down from Hard, I think... shit, already on medium. Though I did get the Flawless Victory cheevo and a couple of stage wins, it is getting them all together that makes it so difficult.

TBH, though, it is the sort of intense challenge that is missing from the main game and I don't mind it too much. I think it will just come down to knowing the stages - which are just reskinned bits of the main game anyway.

I just wish it had a 6R4 in it. Seems a big omission what with all the other Group B cars. (Oooh, maybe an Opel Manta!)

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This happened to me once in a driving game. I forget which one. It was very strange; out of all the cars I used, just the NSX was really quiet.

One day, disappointingly later, I figured out that

A) the NSX is rear-engined and

B) my rear speakers were playing up.

Mid-engined I think, but yeah I tried switching views and figured the same. It's not too bad using the chase cam, still quiet but useable, but in the bonnet / bumper view I use where all you see is the road then it's too quiet.

Strangely the same car in Forza 4 is fine, loud and clear :hmm:

I read that under all the dirt and grass and bushes and stuff it's just reused roads from the main map in the rally expansion DLC. For those that have it how noticeable is it? It does look pretty great, but I was really hoping for some completely new routes to learn.

At the moment I'm thinking 1600 points is a bit steep for me, compared to 400 for the new Trials Evo DLC and I'm thinking I'll prob wait and get it in a sale.

EDIT: Mentioned by Plissken there about the reskinned routes. Typed my message before you'd posted.

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Agreed, a reskin would be just dumping you in the same map with a few new A to B race markers.. The fact the Rally DLC is selfcontained has meant they have been able to put some real thought into the track layouts.

Only had a quick dabble last night but suitably impressed so far.. and yep it's hard as nails on "Hard"

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My god the Rally DLC is just awesome!

Totally addicted to it at the moment and the difficulty level is pitched perfectly, proving incredibly satisfying when you finally nail a 1st place.... Don't seem to be fairing too badly on the leaderboards too. Cracking stuff!

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2012 Cadillac Escalade ESV

For some, owning an Escalade is synonymous with saying, “I’ve arrived.” Big, luxurious, and reveling in ostentatious style, the Escalade is as in your face as it is difficult to find a parking place for. Whether you are looking for something to take on a road trip on the hundreds of miles of open road in “Forza Horizon’s” Colorado, or looking for an intimidating ride to fill up your opponent’s rear view mirror, the Escalade fits the bill.



1983 GMC Vandura G-1500

One of the most versatile vehicles in “Forza Horizon,” the GMC Vandura is undoubtedly a fan favorite. From throwing its bulk around in multiplayer online games to being an ideal canvas for Forza painters, the Vandura can do it all. The Vandura’s versatility has endeared it to automotive fans for decades. So dress it up with your favorite livery then roll the streets of Carson to let everyone know: the van is back!


2012 Lotus Exige S

For 2012, the Exige S gained some mass, adding a little over 500 pounds to its otherwise feather-light curb weight. Thankfully most of that weight is due to the much larger V6 that delivers more than a hundred additional horsepower. The Exige S is nimble as ever but delivers significantly faster acceleration and a much higher top speed than the base Exige, making this driver’s car even more appealing to performance fanatics.


2012 Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition

With only fifty units planned for production, the LFA Nürburgring Edition is a rare bird; a specially track tuned edition aimed at potential owners who intend on driving their LFA competitively. The “Forza Horizon” edition doesn’t come with a free night at Motorsport Hotel Nürburgring like the real one does, but it does include the bump in horsepower, Recaro race seats, a recalibrated closer shifting transmission, and a fixed rear wing. The result is a car that’s as unforgettable behind the wheel as it is when you watch it pass by.


2005 Mercedes-Benz SLR

This carbon fiber constructed, 617-horsepower exotic sport-GT is the product of the relationship between Mercedes-Benz and McLaren. The result is nothing less than astounding--lightning quick acceleration, optimum weight distribution, and unparalleled safety. The SLR is refined and stylish, but let’s not forget that barely tamed AMG twin screw powerplant, which is the heart and soul of this angry beast.


1995 Ford Mustang Cobra R

A good sign of a car’s track potential is when you have to show a valid racing license to order one. Such was the case with the Cobra R. First, the folks at Ford’s Special Vehicle Tuning group lightened the new Mustang wherever possible then they dropped in an SVT-tuned, 5.8-liter Windsor V8. Brake cooling ducts replaced the fog lights and the suspension was improved to keep up with the potential of the 300 horsepower under the hood. Pull up to any stoplight and anyone who recognizes the distinctive shape of its proud hood will surely not even try. If they do you can easily make them pay for their foolishness by choking on your tire smoke and exhaust fumes.


2009 Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster—Season Pass bonus car

Pagani hand crafts some of the finest super cars in the world. For those who want to let the wind blow back their hair at up to 217 mph, the Cinque Roadster is the perfect choice. Built of carbon-titanium—that’s carbon fiber weaved with titanium strands—the Cinque is lightweight and strong. Thanks to the massive intake’s location just above the cockpit, the rush of air combined with the bespoke Iconel and titanium exhaust bellows a glorious V12 chorus. Only five were built, so driving one in Forza Horizon will be the closest most will ever come to the real thing.

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Sadly nothing in that pack is tempting me... It's a shame, because I've put a fair bit of time in recently to 100% the singleplayer, and almost finish the Rally DLC (The hard stage is stopping me at the moment)...

Only two problems I've found - 1 is that the 9th barn find still hasn't appeared for me, even after spending a nice evening doing the Online Roam challenges with a random gamer. On the bright side, it was nice to end up finding someone fairly decent enough to chat with, which is something I've experienced in FM4 as well, but almost never in other games...

The other is the longevity - without tuning, and with the more action steering and bumpy tracks, it's hard to go back and really spend time shaving off hundredths of a second as I did in FM4. Combine that with the fact that there's never enough friends to have an online race without randoms who pile into the first corner and nerf you ever time, and I can see why most of the hardcore Forza fans are drifting back to FM4 judging by my friends list...

The tuning also means that you can't spend time sorting the classics to outperform the more modern cars, which is one thing that kept me racing online in FM4. It's most obvious in the rallying - the old school Audi and Peugeot that I'd prefer to race just can't match the Subarus and Evos - with the old cars I couldn't get a top 4 result online - jumped in an Impreza and won 3 races in a row!

It's a great action racer, and it's loads of fun - I can't believe there are still people who won't go near it because of their prejudice about racing games. I'd love for more Online Roam missions and some more complex ones, and I'd love a sequel with a larger map to enable that to happen.

I'm sad that it'll soon be over, unless there's more DLC, but at the same time, it's been a great 20-30 hours of gaming, so I can't complain too much. I'd just like both FM4 and Horizon to step back a little from the car packs and trying to scrape every penny out of us with tokens/treasure maps to produce more actual content.

Another pack like the Rally DLC would be great - Rallycross would be perfect, especially if they could rip off Lydden Hill - I've already got some awesome 80's Rallycross paintjobs.

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December Car Pack Reviews.


NEW YORK -- January 2, 2013 -- DRIVE, the leading automotive channel on YouTube, today announced a partnership with Swedish hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg Automotive AB to produce an online video series exploring the outer limits of innovation in the automotive industry.

The series, Inside Koenigsegg, debuts January 8, 2013 on YouTube.com/DRIVE. It will provide, for the first time, a look behind the scenes at Koenigsegg and examine how innovation within the highest echelon of sports car manufacturers will affect the broader automotive world. Company founder and principal, Christian Von Koenigsegg, hosts this nine-partseries, which was produced at Koenigsegg headquarters in Angelholm, Sweden.

Inside Koenigsegg will feature Koenigsegg's latest hypercar, the Agera R, which is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest two-seat production vehicle from 0-300-0 kilometers per hour -- an extreme test of a sports car's acceleration, chassis, and braking capability -- a feat the Agera R accomplished in 21.19 seconds. This is Koenigsegg's fourth Guinness World RecordTM since 2003.



How the Aventador was designed & built.

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I got properly stuck into this on the weekend and it got its hooks into me. It really is rather fine. I'm halfway through the blue wristband, I'm about 215th in the festival, and I've done four of the barns -- I spend a lot of time just mooning around.

More than any other game in ten years, this gives me a bit of a TXR feel. And I bloody loved TXR.

Is there an rllmuk club I could join? Any value in doing so?

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Club has hit 100 members. I'm not sure if this is a maximum or not. If anyone is having trouble sending a request or would like to volunteer to leave please let us know in this thread or via PM.

In other news - I joined some randoms for some racing tonight (veteran playlist) and apart from a few bashes and accidents it was fairly clean racing all round, with a great selection of various race types and some great close finishes. I also managed to find my last 2 discount signs, hit online level 45 and won a 10,000,000 cr Ferrari 250 GTO.


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Is it me or does it start throwing you some serious cash when you level up higher?

Also did some random racing (I'm cheevo whoring - just the free roams to go) and it was pretty decent, actually. When you get to level 50 on Yellow, you go to Green 1. In other words, it progresses like the wristband. A couple of people were on purple levels. I'm glad I have a life.

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Anyone fancy bribing Helios to see if there's any more DLC on the way?

Since I S-ranked it, I'm feeling quite sad - I'd love to play it some more but still need to grind through the endless 'win every race' annoyance of Forza 4. Plus have a load of other unfinished games I really feel bad about ignoring...

Give me a Metro 6R4 and a rallycross pack with a homage to Lydden Hill and Brands Hatch and I'd wet myself...

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