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How to pick any colour car in PGR 2


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First off - you must have the car you want in Kudos World Series.

Start a live game and pick any car and pick the colour you want your car to be. For this example, pick an Enzo and pick yellow.

Quit out to single player (Kudos World Series) and go to the car you want to drive. ie Ford Focus. Select it and when 'transmission type' comes up, press 'B' to quit back out.

Rejoin your Live game. You should now have a yellow Focus.

*it will fuck up if you the car you want to drive wasn't the last one you used in it's series. ie, if you had been using a Mini previously, when you go back to Live it will pick that cos when you got to transmission type, you were in effect deselecting the car. To get round this, go to Kudos challenge and pick the car you want and go as far as the 'medal' select screen.

A bit long winded I know but I thought I'd share.

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Guest Penguin_Lad
Twat! :o

It really works though! I was impressed with my neon blue Ferrari anyway. :D



What a glorious day this is :D

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Guest Penguin_Lad
Now now! I'm sure it will be useful for something...


Not if it means more cars in a nice shade of puke green. :D


Only joking, what could be better than a green enzo. :D

Green Porsches. You can already get several of them in green, anyhow.

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