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The Muppets/The Muppets Most Wanted


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I fucking love (and always will love) The Office. Extras was very enjoyable. Fuck, I really enjoyed Ghost Town. Liked the first two seasons of Idiot Abroad and ADORE the podcasts. Seen Gervais perform stand-up twice. I generally agree with his politics and find a lot of the stuff he writes is both humorous interesting. To this day he can be very funny in interviews and can make me laugh out loud with some of the things he says - I really get his humour. In the past I've defended him a lot.

This year though, I've given up. I'm sick of him and his 'lot'. Karl Pilkington is no longer funny, more of a whiney prick. Derek was chud and Life is Short was abysmal. His movies are almost all fucking crap and his Twitter feed is embarrassing as is the way he attacks people, acting like he is some morally superior being who knows everything.

He'll ruin this film, the first was so surprisingly good :(

His Twitter made me angry, the whole ironically being a twat act just boiled down to him actually being a nasty little shit without any humour.

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Why does everyone assume he will overwhelm them? Far more likely to be the other way around

The problem is, and I say this as someone who doesn't really mind Gervais, he isn't very likeable. Jason Segel and Amy Adams were a great couple in the original and you really liked them, they were a good double act and worked really well with the Muppets. There was a lovely warmth to that film and you wanted (and knew) things would turn out well for them. Both me and my mate really enjoyed it because of how cheery and nice it was.

Anytime I see Gervais in anything I don't see him as some cheery bloke (or just non twattish) to star with puppets. Anything I've seen him in I liked because he was a bit of a arsehole character like The Office, Extras etc. I'm just not sure if he's even remotely suitable for The Muppets. Of course I could be proven wrong but I don't know...he's certainly hasn't been decent in the last year

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It's named The Muppets...Again! Director James Bobin says it's a tip of the hat to crime capers of the 60's. The Muppets are on a world tour and get caught up with a diamond thief named Constantine, who happens to be a doppelgänger for Kermit. US release on 21 March 2014. UK not set yet.



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