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What is your favorite soundtrack in a game ever?


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earthbound is the best.

ico is the next.

rez is tops, especially area 5.

castlevania: sotn is my favorite in that series.

man the minibosses' kraid-metroid is amazing.

as is their punch-out and their flashman.

the two big squaresoft composers have their moments but they are. so. cliched.

i have to think about everything snes. even underrecognized soundtracks like star fox are great. f-zero is so unique. i start my college radio show with the title music from f-zero every time. it sounds like a waiting room. i love the vibe from yoshi's island. obviously the classic games like zelda and mario have amazing music. i don't know how to pick from them. lol i have that "play it now" disc with ken griffy jr.'s winning run, it's awesome.

check this out.

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when i first beat ff6 i went nuts and bought the ost. i used to dissect its leitmotif like i did with the star wars trilogy, and especially in the epic-length closing montage (best ff ending ever) i used to love just listening and identifying each character--it was challenging in the beginning because uematsu changed them in creative ways.

a lot of mitsuda's music in chrono trigger is really wonderful. two of my favorite videogame pieces (and the game moments that go with them) are from xenogears: "the one who is torn apart" (id's theme) and "june mermaid" (nanogirl's theme). when i first played xenogears and i encountered id, i just let him beat the crap out of me and listened to the music. the scene when id in his gear lifts the uh the submersible desert crawling ship of the good guys, i used to play from the save point through all of the battles to that long story sequence just to experience that terrifying awe that comes with the sudden silence and that music as he lifts the ship. june mermaid on the "creid" disc is beautiful. i just today got the xenogears ost in the mail and am listening to id's theme right now. i wish it was on creid as well.

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Jeez, theres loads. Probably far too many to list in fact. I have a fair few MP3's of game soundtracks on my HD too. Where to start?

Chrono Trigger

Skies of Arcadia

Phantasy Star Online (ep 1+2+3)

Metal Gear Solid 2 (The music that plays during the demo movie)

Grandia 2

Loads of Final Fantasy games, X, X-2 and 7 being my faves.

Rez (Buggy running beeps)

Zone of the Enders (Kiss me sunlights)

Street Fighter 2

Panzer Dragoon Orta

Loads of PC RPG's (Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, Ultima)

Legend of Zelda (The theme from Wind Waker especially)


The song from Kingdom Hearts

Battle and "shop" music from Devil May Cry

Super Metroid and Metroid Prime

More of a list of the music I got on my PC than anything else really :D

Cybernator on the Snes also had some cracking music that fit in well with the game. Glad I got some of them as .spc files.

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FFVII and MGS and MGS 2 for me. Now I prefer using my own songs if the game supports custom soundtrack support, I guess that says a lot about the current standard of game soundtracks. Oh and a big thumbs up to Outrun for having an awesome soundtrack and also to Rez and Samba de Amigo.

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the Bathroom stage Parappa The Rapper. Excellent!

'I am a chicken from the kitchen, and I ain't kiddin' although nothing is written'

'In the rain or in the snow, I got the funky flow. But now, I really got to go'

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Battle Squadron on the Amiga. It might only have been simple chip music, but I've never known a tune that matches the frantic actions of a shoot'm up so well.

Turrican 1 and 2.



A special mention must go to AgentX on the 48K spectrum. It was the first time I'd heard multi channel synth style music coming from the humble speccy. Ahhh memories.......

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Parrallax (Titles) - C64

Delta (game theme) - C64

Soul Calibre - DC

W.A.R. (Titles) - C64

L.E.D. Storm - (Level Intros, High Score table) - C64

.::: Ghost in the Shell (PS1),

That music was especially commissioned by Some leading Techno artists, such as Derrick May. Who used to be a Techno God (Co. wrote Strings of life and is what it is).

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Geez there are loads....but these spring to mind...


128k versions of Glider Rider and Aufweidershen Monty, Arc of Yesod opening music

48k - Jet Set Willy, mainly as it was one of my first games :D, Dynamite Dan 1 + 2


Opening of SMW, Secret of Mana, Zelda, Donkey Kong Country, Contra, Axelay, Metroid


Goldeneye, yeah I know it was mainly remixes, but it worked so damned well

Zelda OOT

Banjo Kazooie

that will do for now.......... ;)

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the Bathroom stage Parappa The Rapper. Excellent!

'I am a chicken from the kitchen, and I ain't kiddin' although nothing is written'

'In the rain or in the snow, I got the funky flow. But now, I really got to go'

"I need to go, just as bad as you, what I had this morning I don't even want to say to you!" ;)

There are just so many great game soundtracks that I couldn't even start a list. Current favourite is Twisted Reality from Gitaroo Man.

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