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Sony E3 Conference - Summary - Post #1

The Sarge

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Awkward filler or not, gametrailers are fucking killing it with their footage this year. They've got practically every exclusive, all the top bloggers, interviews with practically everyone of any interest, Keighley asking the right questions and a rock solid feed to boot. Very impressive.

Yeah I've had it on all evening, not even a hiccup :) Also, right after Sonys briefing they are doing a demo of RAGE.

Keep an eye on Gamespots stage demos as well, they are always good.

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Thank god, the video got pulled, those were the most annoying people on earth. The managing editor of destructiod having an orgasm because a man with a flock of seagulls haricut said 'NGP'.

Dat redhead tho

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Even Sony didn't believe the cunt from Destructoid thought the PSP was the best game system and cut him off halfway through a sentence to show a dark half empty building.

"What do you think of when you hear NGP?"

"Neo Geo Pocket?"

Oop, here we go...

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