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Nintendo E3 Conference - Summary Page #1

The Sarge

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I swear, I get that people feel let down by the Wii, but everyone's just sifting for complaints at this point.

Nintendo just announced a new console that's at least as powerful as the 360 and PS3 (and bit more if the rumours are to believed). It's got a new controller with a lot of fancy new features, but also can be used solely in a "dual-shock" fashion for traditional games if desired. There wasn't much in the way of game announcements, but that's because it's still 18 months away.

What's there to complain about?

It's probably because by the time this is out both MS and Sony will have shown off their new machines which will emphasise the gulf in graphics the same way the 360/PS3 did with the Wii. Which leaves it with what? A fancy new controller?

So, it's exactly the same path as they took with the Wii and look how most people feel about that these days.

Nobody knows yet, but it could turn out ok, get some devs back in the fold and grab a bit more of the proper gaming market - that seems to be what they're aiming for this time around, at least - but who trusts Nintendo after the way they dropped core gamers for their last home system? Once bitten and all that, eh?

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Why no Bluray? Is it a cost control thing? Is the licence fee high? Surely developing new media costs a bucket.

Paying Sony money.. stops piracy (for a while at least, perhaps!).

No blu-ray.

I'm out.

It's a games console not a DVD/Blu-ray player (hence no DVD playback on the Wii). Get a Blu-ray player now for £50 if you really want one.

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