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Nintendo E3 Conference - Summary Page #1

The Sarge

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Prediction: Lots of existing game franchises with the word Cafe/Beem/Okama Gamesphere appended to them.

If ayone wants to join me I've set up a conference chat room on my 3DS, just enter 96193691-319469174-1877964964519-914615454-72362542468-74851454 to join and communicate in emoticons.

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It's okay guys I'm here, you can start now.

Now, I want you all to concentrate on this feeling of anticipation, like a child on Christmas morning awaiting the arrival of glorious presents, full of hope and daydreams of magical things like a new Mario gamw with one thousand and eighty peas, F Zero HD, Luigi's Mansion 2 and joypads you can poke for soon those dreams will evaporate to be replaced with either a glorious new era of gaming or a damp squib with no third-party support.



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I say again; Breeding Miis. See what your future child would look like (as a Mii) then you can dump your partner if they look funny!

Also I'd like to see a cross between Hilter and Admiral Ackbar.

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