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Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo

Keyboard Koala

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Drew, mind if pop over?

Waiting on adds from:



Just opened up 20 spaces on my friends list by deleting anyone who hasn't registered as being online.

Who's waiting for an add back from me?


My dudes got a sever case of the bandy legs and keeps falling over, quite annoying.

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Having come by some suitable attire, I'm channeling my inner redneck. It feels good. There will be handlebar moustaches, right?

Have axe, will chop.


Bitch, bring me my sandwiches!


Chopping trees has also led me to my final June museum addition.


Every redneck has a softer side.


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Have added a few people from the last couple of pages: sweatytravolta, moz and Joncybernet.

Cookton gates are about to open if anyone wants to pop in. I'm only going to be able to dip in and out of the game tonight, so if you come and don't see me, I'm not ignoring you. Friend code 081748537682.

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Sorry about the abrupt exit, I had to get out before Resseti showed his face again.

Left you a tip by the town hall, thanks for the bananas, fossil and allowing me to sell my turnips.

You also have an un-dug hole at the bottom right of your map

Cheers dude, it was an -oid! Sold it sharpish.

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The top floor of my house is full of every oid I've found. One just makes fart noises.

I also have a custom designed guitar :)

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When did we stop calling them gyroids? :mellow:

I don't think they refer to them directly as that much anymore. Certainly in the Gamecube version, early on Tom Nook showed you your one and referred to it as a gyroid over and over again.

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Shit, did you still have them? Gates opening again now..

All good. Just literally ran in, sold, dumped a couple of bags of cash outside your town hall in the end, then jumped back on the train before the sinister mole showed his face again.

I'm pretty sure it's my Virgin "Super hub" causing the problems. That thing is shit.

Last night I left my 3DS in what is essentially a high end whore house.

Devastated. How the fuck am I going to get my daily fossils? What if my turnip prices are 1000?

Have to go back tonight to see if it's still there. :(

Did you hit many street walkers as you walked past?

Sorry, I mean did you get many street pass hits?

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Does anyone have a persimmon? I have all the other fruit but its gonna take about two months to get one in the shop! Not sure I can rely on random drops either :(

In other sad news, it looks a lot like my turnips are on a decreasing pattern AGAIN. That's two weeks in a row with no profit if they don't go up this afternoon!

In better news, a new live venue just opened up!

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Fruit-needing guys. I don't know if this is news but hey maybe. You know on Island Tours if you are doing a catch-and-release game? Well anything you have in your pockets stays with you so it's perfectly possible to take a moment to grab some tasty unusual fruit...

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Love how Hellcock is more concerned about the price of his turnips than the fact that he frequents brothels.

Hard to imagine the sound of fossils being collected, trees being shaken and the jibber jabber of townsfolk beneath the slow guttural behind-door moaning and flesh slapping.

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