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Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo

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This is what fruits are left ...


... and here's what's left of the 'stuff' to go!

Opening gates now, until 4pm GMT. Will be around for a bit until my roast is ready, then will be apparent, but vacant for a bit. If it crashes when I'm not on, I apologise in advance :)

Do you need Varia trousers to go with that? Got a pair if you want them :)
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Ta, but I've got the hat, shirt & pants. Just need the boots now.

Anyway, thanks to all my visitors & I hope you're pleased with all your gear. I'll see what I accrue this week & I might do another free-for-all next Sunday. :)

Also, who was the lovely who left me the mario3 design? It's bloody lovely so thanks much! :wub:

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Sinister clown-sheep challenged me to a game of hide and seek, foud him/it skulking behind a tree next to my house. That fucker definitely has a dark secret. He has yet to be inside his house so I can carry out my mayoral inspections, god knows what he's hiding in there.

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Thanks for the adds folks. Keep em coming!

I'm in the market for classic furniture at the moment and swish antiques - going to turn my home into the kind of house Poirot would want to live in. Globes, panelled walls, oil lamps, writing desks etc - please offer me such items for trading :)

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I'd advise buying spare axes every day if they're on sale, even if your current one is still going. They seem to break pretty easily!

9 trees, apparently.

Well, what a day I have had! I went to a Street Pass Liverpool event, their inaugural one, actually. It was meant to consist of just Animal Crossing, but there was also a Mario Kart tournament as well. The winner of that, along with whoever caught the biggest bug and the biggest fish each got a £20 eShop voucher, there was a £5 food voucher for every attendee, and some Animal Crossing seasons posters and standees, one of which was a face cut-out one. Everybody there was entered into a draw for the standees at the end, 6 in all. I didn't win a single thing, but I had a fantastic time. Spent the last hour of the day talking to a girl who is an even bigger Platinum Games freak than I am, whilst random people called into Flapston and wrote "baaaaallllsssss" on my noticeboard. Best of all, the first Mii I encountered in Street Pass was a guy who responded to my request to wear a white shirt, which means that now I can see in that damn dark room and have killed one of the Armour Demons.

If there is a group local to you doing such an event, I would say don't hesitate to get yourself along! Anyone in and around Manchester can find details of one next weekend https://www.facebook.com/events/652332041450075/'>here, and don't be worried about feeling out of place amongst a load of kids. I'm 42, and I had no such problems, nor did I when I went the Street Pass Manchester's Monster Hunter event earlier this year. Put it this way; I didn't even buy turnips this morning, and I don't feel I have missed out at all. Nor have I used the new QR machine that appeared in Able's.

Apologies to anybody who has me pending on adding their Friend Codes. I may have to do some rejigging and find people to remove, because I am now completely full.

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Work is progressing nicely on the little mini-park I'm building, got lots of flowers down around the under-construction bench, need another 25k bells to finish the bench though...

Sounds ace. Pictures?

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Finally unlocked my mayoral options:) The Tallaght waterfall suspension bridge project is go! Donations gratefully received! Oh, go on...

Doors will be open tonight. It's also raining in Tallaght, so certain fish should hopefully start appearing...

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Just been and added a few more people this evening

- OllieCJBowen: 1805-3618-6254

- MagicalDrop: 3050-7564-5305

- wretcherd: 4656-6568-7762

- Pungee: 0817-4214-5408

- Dismemb0: 3909-7521-5276

- Tracy: 3754-6454-7534

- jcafarley: 3625-8606-4393

- stoofle: 2363-5794-7148

- GokouD: 339435416098

- Rikku: 2320-6115-5517

Add me back, also if anyone has added me and is waiting for me then let me know.

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Some new posters above my bed.


Fire extinguisher was a gift from the pink rhino, it sits next to my stove in case of emergency.

Got my first piece of art from the crack fox, well happy that it wasn't a fake after hearing things on here.


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Doing the designs is pretty easy to be honest. If you get stuck there are millions of examples if pixel art out there that you can copy. I did a Red Mage for someone and it took all of 15 minutes to do :) I also did a quick and dirty RLLMUK flag and that was about 5 minutes worth of work.

Honestly, just give it a go, it is dead easy :)

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