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The Random Inspiration Thread


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I've also saved random images i've found on the internet and kept them in a file for inspiration. During them times when i've been given a brief with no idea what to do, i look through my folder and see what images have good ideas. Such as colour, objects, text, fonts, layouts and so on. The idea isn't to copy what you have but to think, wow thats cool, i can add something like that to what im doing.

So now i thought it was time to share some stuff. Post up your little graphics you have found, adverts, website layouts, ANYTHING.

EXCEPT your own work unless you feel it is revelent to inspiring people. This thread isn't about getting people to comment but to give ideas. I'll just start with a few images but add as many as you can. If this thread (which i hope) starts growing too big, i may create a little website where people can upload stuff to. But for now, go and create your own 'inspiration' folders and save these images if you like them.

If you also have any blogs that do this sort of thing, feel free to link and pm me and i'll update this first post.





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I disagree. I mean, I'm more of a writer, but I don't look to books I've read before, and copied down excerpts out of them or anything. I don't steal other authors ideas and change them up a bit.

I just have epiphanies about what I wanna write about. It's kind of hit or miss.

I just write. And if it's bad, it's bad. If it's good, its good. Either way, I thought it up. And that's the whole point of art, isn't it? Creating something that's your own?

I'm not saying it's wrong.

I just think originality will take you further in life.

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I have a gig or so of stuff in an inspiration folder at work and at home. This is then used for my screen saver. So when I'm sketching I just have random shit on in the background. My design blog (not yet official life) is set up to be one big ass scrap book for myself. i'm not trying to compete with the current up to date design blogs...the idea is more to be a reference for the future rather than the news at 10.

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edit: "great artists steal"? I thought this thread was about images that make you tick, not stealing visuals.

It's not really about stealing visuals or characters etc, it's about stealing ideas, being inspired, thinking 'wow, i never thought of doing it like that' and the way things are done and putting them into your own work. Stuff like swirls or blurs or maybe the way its drawn etc. Not just copy and pasting bits of someone elses artwork.

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I'm pretty obsessed with collecting images from the web, books, magazines etc. Since my scanner went kaput I've been unable to get a load of stuff on my computer and have a pile of books that need sorting through for the choice cuts. It's all for the good of my work though (or so I tell myself).






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