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Neil Gaiman’s American Gods from Starz (No Book Spoilers)

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It's a great book but, as noted in the article, I wouldn't think there's 6 series worth in there so, again like the article, I would presume there would have to be a lot of new material. My immediate reaction is that it's too odd and 'dark' (for want of a better word) to sustain the central story over that number of episodes and have people wanting to find out what happens next.

Although I think Gaiman is a genius so if he's involved in writing any of the new material (presuming there is some) then that's excellent news.

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It's a great book and I'd love to see it made into a series provided Gaiman himself has a hand in it. I suspect he's already got a lot of background stories as American Gods already has ties to both Anansi boys and "Monarch of the Glen" in Fragile things, and probably more storylines that I'm not aware of.

Although 6 series would probably be a stretch, I'm sure it could make for a few interesting seasons.

Edit: Just remembered "Keepsakes and Treasures" from Fragile Things as well that also ties in with "Monarch of the Glen".

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Doesn't American Gods start amazing, but then run hopelessly out of steam later on? That's what I heard...

I found it pretty consistently good throughout, and remember being very satisfied with the ending.

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They don't tend to hugely hype their new shows over here do they? I remember things like Preacher just sort of appearing relatively unannounced after a short hype period. The Grand Tour was a different matter of course but maybe because its ostensibly a British show they decided to shout about that one over here. 

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