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Armed and Dangerous


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Anyone else playing this?Its published by Lucas Arts and developed by Planet Moon Studios, they who made an overlooked classic (imo) Giants: Citizen Kabuto.

As with Giants this has a very British flavour to the characters and audio, you stock up on heavy artillery in pub (a bit like the pubs around here actually) and the overall feel is quirky British with some decent humour thrown in.

Its basicly a hectic shooter that reminds me of both giants and MDK 2(were they involved with that or had they already left Shiney?)

Graphics are nice and it has a fair few oddball weapons that have a nice weighty feel about them(I especially like the topsy turvey bomb).

Gameplay may be a bit generic but its held my interest for a good few hours now.Its a laugh bringing down a heavy stone arch ontop of a shouting bady or blowing up a barrecks to watch a near dead survivor stumble out to his final demise.

Overall a fun game and recommended for anyone into the above two titles by Planet Moon and Shiney.

Although I have the feeling repetative is a word some may use with this game.

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