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Amateur Writer Boast-o-rama

Alex W.

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I don't have any features written for Gamestyle, although I did have an idea for one, I kinda forgot what it was. :)

Anyway, I'm currently reviewing for them. Look out for the Mario & Luigi review in the next few days.

Also, here's some others (recentmost first):

-Metal Gear Solid

-Golden Sun

-Super Mario Advance 4

-Midtown Madness 3

-The Italian Job: LA Heist

There's others too, mostly GBA stuff.

I'm improving, I er... think.

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Here's something I wrote for my society's webpage. It's horrendously written, not planned at all, and has no point. I also make no claims of it being any good (seriously - I'm not fishing, it's an appauling jumble tied up with some well meaning and 20 dollops of corniness). Sorry for copying it here but I can't link you to the site due to confidentiality issues.

Who am I?

One of the first things that'll concern anyone in the process of "coming out" is a lack of identity. Your world has been turned upside down by the feelings you are experiencing and you're not sure about anything anymore. Are you Gay? Bisexual? Straight?

At the risk of sounding cheesy, the answer is : you are you.

At the OBSU LGBT we don't believe in labels like "gay", "straight", "bisexual" or "transvestite". This is because we realise that things are not as black-and-white as others would like them to be. You are an individual with individual feelings and as such cannot be pigeon-holed into a distinct category, how ever much others may want to do so.

"Aha!", I hear you cry. "Then why are you called the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Society?". Well, it's partly because people who don't understand the issues that we face cannot understand the individualistic aspect of our feelings and so feel more comfortable putting us into a distinct category that they understand. And, also, because "Somewhere on the Gay-Straight Continuum Society" doesn't sound quite as good.

The Gay-Straight Continuum?

Well, that's what I call it in order to sound intelligent. I'll come on to gender later, so just stick with me whilst I cover this one first.

The question you'll ask yourself - not only during your "coming out" period, but throughout your entire life - is "am I gay or bisexual?". Well, on saying that, maybe you'll know straight away, in which case - cool! But for a lot of poeple they don't know where they stand. The answer, my dears, is that you stand somewhere on the Gay-Straight Continuum.


Because we all know it isn't as black-and-white as being Gay, Bisexual or Straight. There's a hundred-million different grades in between and so it's easier to express it as a scale. On the one hand we've got the Totally Gay - finds the thought of heterosexual relations totally uninteresting and maybe even disgusting. And on the other hand, we've got Totally Straight - couldn't begin to think about being attracted to a member of the same sex. You'll probably never find either of these people in real life - oh sure, they'll be close to it, but they won't be totally one way or the other.

Your author felt confused for quite some time as to whether or not they were bisexual or gay. The answer, of course, is that they are somewhere in between - the exact location may change as time goes on, as different people are encountered.

All this, of course, applies to gender as well. One could equally say that there's a Male-Female continuum that we're all on somewhere. It doesn't even have to be linked to sexuality - just look at Dale Winton (the jury's still out on his sexuality), or that Jeremy Spake (definitely straight, believe it or not), for chrissakes. I think it's pretty spiffing that we use the word "transgender" because it accurately describes this scale that we're all on somewhere. Maybe one day LGB will be replaced by "transsexuality"...

What I guess the whole point of this was to say is... don't feel you have to pigeon-hole yourself in to some sort of category. Sure, maybe if someone asks you it's easier to say you're gay, or whatever, than to say that you're somewhere in between. But, as I so cheesily put it above, you are you, and that's all that matters, isn't it?

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