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Trials Evolution

The Sarge

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This is by far and away the most hyped I've felt for an arcade game.

Keep sketching ideas for tracks I'm going to attempt to make. Bit disappointed that supercross tracks(the 4 player tracks) that you make can't have splits in the driving line (e.g i was going to split the lines into two pairs then have an awesome crossover jump!)

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I never managed to gold all the extreme tracks but I'm still getting this and playing the living shit out of it.

Half just for the level editor tbh, I thought the one in Trials was genius once you got to grips with it (the trigger points were quite awkward I found) and this one is meant to be even simpler. I also thought it was out on Friday, even after being confused three weeks ago, it's all a bit much for my little brain.

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I love the fact that you don't have to be friends with the person to play their tracks, there is going to be an unending stream of content. Seeing the things in some of the videos that are possible with the engine is ridiculous.

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Someone on my friends list has been playing this all day - Lucky bastard.

Here's the achievement list if anyone is interested;

No Problemo

Pass the D License Test and get your first bike

Beyond the Wall of Pain

Smash your bike and break every bone in one spectacular crash.

The Squirrels Have Eyes...

Find every squirrel location hidden away in the secret corners of the world.

Full Throttle II

Finish ‘Archipelago’ without faulting or ever releasing the throttle

Unyielding II

Finish ‘Rock Steady’ without faulting or changing your rider's posture.

Community Spirit

Post a time on another player's custom created track.

Flawless Victory

Finish the ‘Scenic Route’ Tournament without any faults

Extreme Prejudice

Complete any Extreme track.

Loonie Lander

The hawk has landed. Time to show the flag! (The small one.

The Professional

Successfully complete the single player career

Fast Five

Win five matches in public multiplayer

School's Out

Pass the A License Test and get the Phoenix

Burnt to a Crisp

Pass 'Lab Rat' without faulting while constantly on fire

Custom Finish

Host and finish a Private or Local Multiplayer match on a User-created Track with at least 2 player

The Editor's Apprentice

Create a track of your own that has at least three path points, then test drive it.

From the Ashes

Finish all tracks in the Walk in The Park Event using the Phoenix 250cc bike.

Hard the Hard Way

Finish 'The Ascent' without faulting on the Rattler 125cc bike

Demon on Wheels II

Pass every track in the Flatliner Event

There's also 1 sercret achievement

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If you can add tags/labels to creations and are able to search (i'm thinking the way liveries etc work in Forza) can we have a gentleman's agreement to stick an 'rllmuk' tag on them? I'd love to see what us guys come up with smile.png

Good plan. I might even setup a rllmuktrials gamertag tonight if I remember.

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It'd be cool if there was clubs in the game that you could set up or join like in Forza and it'd compare your times the same as in Trials HD, but against friends and club members too. Then I wouldn't have to delete other people off my FL to make spaces to add people for this.

"Flawless Victory

Finish the ‘Scenic Route’ Tournament without any faults"


Not again! The similar one in trials HD was nearly the death of me :(

Until RedLynx made it easier because people were sulking and complaining that they couldn't do it.

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From the OXM review

Of the 60-plus tracks, the highlights include “Gigatrack,” an aptly named course that took us 20 full minutes to complete (compared to the one- to two-minute average for most tracks); the big-air-tacular “Roller Coaster” (complete with a loop-de-loop!); and the brilliant homages to fellow Live Arcade gems Limbo (Trials’ version even boasts floatier physics) and ’Splosion Man (in the form of a minigame that has you exploding your rider through a platforming course).

Gigatrack! :omg:


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It's mainly the addition of multiplayer, and more tracks than you could complete in a lifetime thanks to the editor. The career is slightly better structured too, for example before you do hard tracks now you have to pass a "license test" which teaches you stuff like how to bunny hop, making sure you've got the skills you need to beat tracks.

If you're rubbish, you just need to keep playing. We were all rubbish at first.

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I was one of those who just could not do a particular move on one of the earlier tough tracks in Trials HD. Really, I tried soooo many times using everything I'd learnt but it was no good. Loved the game but stopped playing it after that and I wasn't going for Trials Evolution until just now having read about better tutorials, now I can't wait. I'll look forward to seeing Meatball's times at the top of everything again.

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I'll look forward to seeing Meatball's times at the top of everything again.

I'll hopefully be somewhere up near the top of my friends list. Hopefully.

Probably below Dark Soldier though. I usually do reasonably well, but he's a bit of a pest :P

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