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XBL - 1 Month for £1

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The autorenew defaults at 1 month in any case. You can just go in and change it to 12 months if you want. I've never had a problem with that, I always roughly know when my gold will run out and used to get a cheap ebay code in the month running up to that. Remembering in 2013 may be tricky right enough but I've gone up to the traditional month when I renewed my 1 year so I guess I'll still be thinking "It's June, is my Gold going to run out?"

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Whats the limit then 36 months of prepaid subs?

I'm at 32 months at the moment, just wondering if it might be worth paying the extra £4 and maxing it out...

Really wasn't expecting all this when I posted in the rovers thread this morning commenting about my need to renew :D

thanks again outsider! as steely says a +1 doesn't seem to really cover it, especially considering I was just about to spend £37 buying 12 months from Amazon.

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XBL 1 Month for £1

Click the link, pay by paypal, confirm purchase, close tab, repeat.

It's only supposed to work about 5 times but if you use paypal rather than a card you can do it about 20-30 times.

Just renewed 'til 22/1/2014 myself :)

hmm it asks for an email address so if I stick in the one that is registered to my xbox live account it then give me an option to redeem code or 1 month at 5.99 or 12 months at 40 quid. What am I doing wrong?

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