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Your Gameboy Advance Memories

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I think it was Circle Of The Moon? Dawn of Sorrow was DS game. The only reason I can even tell them apart is the Dawn of Sorrow part. They should stop giving them meaningless titles. Castlevania: Advance with Spell Cards.

You are correct sir - getting a bit mixed up!

I blame anyone else but myself for this.

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I think it was Circle Of The Moon? Dawn of Sorrow was DS game. The only reason I can even tell them apart is the Dawn of Sorrow part. They should stop giving them meaningless titles. Castlevania: Advance with Spell Cards.

Maybe he meant Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow? :blah:

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Sending it away and getting an Afterburner light fitted for my birthday. Utterly mind blowing.

I bought an Afterburner kit, opened it, opened up my GBA and realised I’d never be able to fit without mangling my console. I gave it to someone on here IIRC.

I love every iteration of the GBA. The Micro is one of my all time favourite consoles and I still use it regularly.

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Everybody has named the big name titles and rightly so as they're fantastic. Largely they're Nintendo made and it's no great surprise that 1st party Nintendo titles are great. Obviously they've got to be as people buy Nintendo to play Nintendo.

Where the GBA was slightly different I found was it had a load of brilliant Nintendo titles, it also had loads of 3rd party titles that where brilliant. Pretty much every genre is covered, so throw that in with original Nintendo and the SNES re-releases and it's no surprise the format was so highly regarded. For me it's magic is that it embraced 2D, probably down to hardware limitations, and just reminded me of the times I had with my SNES.

Personally I mostly play handhelds now over home consoles and for me the GBA has the widest scope of different games and a huge number of extremely high quality titles, many of which where exclusive. At it's peak I went a bit mental and owned well over 100 games for the machine, the US site Tronix where selling everything for $30 or less and that equated to £15 which was how I obtained most. Over time I've cut that down by selling high value things that I'd completed, though I'd never sell the 1st and 2nd party favourites like Metroid, Advance Wars and the Castlevanina's. Simply invested far too much time in them to get rid, though I am cutting back again and have a RLLMUK sales thread here which has lots of good titles.

SO, the games that have yet to be mentioned that I enjoyed, largely 3rd party:


Shaman King- I think it's based on a cartoon, but it's not something you need to follow to appreciate. This is a Konami made Metroidvania and is very nearly as good as the games it's emulating. The bosses are often massive, the spells which form the special moves fantastic.

Go! Go! Beckham- Again another where you should ignore the title as it's a superb 2D platformer. Looks lovely

Stafi 1, 2 and 3- Japanese only on the GBA though the DS has an English language release. It's perhaps a little easy like say Kirby is, but it's hugely enjoyable and if you aim to collect everything it' not so easy.

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror- This is another incredible Metroidvania, quite probably the best Kirby game ever. I prefer the Kirby games that do a bit of experimentation over the standard platform titles and this is my favourite. It shares the Super Metroid magic of an area being blocked off and you think fair enough, can't do that yet. Hours later when you're not even playing Kirby you'll have a brainwave- "ah, if I combine his special power X with power Y then I can progress". Looks fantastic too.

Disney Magical Quest Games- Straight ports of the SNES games, but they look lovely and are fairly tricky in places. Capcom made and comes with the production values you'd expect, I like all the costumes that grant special moves.


Metal Slug- it's hardly unique to the format, but it is a brilliant version.

Lilo and Stitch- What! Lilo and Stitch? Seriously, try it for your self, it's more Metal Slug but it is fantastically well done. Huge surprise to me.

CT Special Forces- Metal Slug in all but name.

Medal of Honor: Infiltrator


Hamtaro Ham Ham Games- Athlete Kings with hamsters. Another where you have to suspend disbelief at the name and characters. It's not just a daft button basher but many games require a great skill and nack to do some of the games.

Racing Gear Advance- This is a top down, 3/4 angle racer. It looks and feels like Micro Machines and plays just as well as that ever did. This one is obviously more realistic, but the core racing is every bit as exciting and involving as MM was.


Kururin Paradise- Everybody mentioned the original, the sequel is bigger and better in every way. Shame it was Japanese only, but the language barrier presents zero problems in this game.

Koro Koro Puzzle: Happy Panechu- Like Wario this uses the tilt cartridge to play, and like Wario it's great. It's a line stuff up and blow up with bombs type experience.

Polarium- Oddly the GBA game came after the DS one but it's even better. The year mode where you theoretically play a puzzle for every day of the year is my favourite mode, what's truly inspired is this game was marketed as being playable with one hand, something that works and is oddly satisfying.

Boulder Dash and Bubble Bobble- Sure they're old classics, but the GBA updates are my favourites of the series.


Yggdra Union and Riviera have since been re-released on PSP but these are two excellent, if hugely tricky games.

Sword of Mana- It's not a patch on Secret Of Mana for sure, but it's still an accomplished and hugely playable action RPG.

MegaMan Battle Network- They went mental and released a million of these but the first was the best.

Thing is there's loads more that I really enjoyed but they're the ones that immediately spring to mind.

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I remember getting my Game Boy Advance.

I was 16, and it was shortly after getting my first full-time job. With my £6000 a year salary I was suddenly Mr Moneybags, having previously had nothing but £10 a week from my paper round. Naturally I skulked around with a swagger like I was the swaggering, skulking master and liberally spunked my new-found wealth like I was the disposable income Daddy, emptying his full cock onto all the reasonably-priced electronic devices of the day.

One of my first pay cheques funded a white Game Boy Advance, and I bought Mario Bros and Mario Kart. The lack of lighting on the screen meant I'd have to climb inside my Grandma's neon kiln to play it and even then I'd have to make half the game up in my mind using imagination. I bought game after game, including the aforementioned Astro Boy (overrated) and countless other incredibly memorable games which I've entirely forgotten.

I used to sit in the office and I remember clear as day September 11th as I was hiding my Minidisc along with my Game Boy under the desk as the reports filtered through. One of my collegues joked that our building would be the next target. It wasn't, fortunately, and I survived that fateful day along with my Game Boy Advance.

I got a micro for £30 in the end, which is just well nice, although due to having hands the size of a North Western Scottish island I can't play it for too long without getting hand AIDS.

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I put a thread up in the wanted folder if anyone wants to get shut of a micro, or even an GBA SP, with a flash cart if possible!

Pm me if you can help out ££££££s are waiting!

Check out your local Gamestation, I went to mine today after reading this thread and picked up an unboxed GBA SP with charger for £4.99.

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Loved the machine.

My first ever was a White GBA bought on launch day with Kuru Kuru kururin.

I now have...

Black SP

Silver Micro

Super Famicom Micro

Final Fantasy Micro

But my grail was the 101 enhanced backlight model which I bought brand new from Sweden a few years back. It must have been 4 years old when I got it still sealed in the box. The 'nintendo' charge was still in it!

It's the ultimate GBA to me. A stunning screen with the clamshell design. Sexy blue colour as well. Not the horrid tribal one.

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I only had a silver SP but my goodness I loved it. An ex girlfriend bought it for me for our 3 year anniversary with Mario Kart and Metroid. We split up 6 months later. I don't think the two were related.

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CT Special Forces- Metal Slug in all but name.

I reviewed CT Special Forces 3 for NGC Mag. I thought it was averagely good, but definitely not a series to be remembered in a thread like this.

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I remember getting the GBA on launch day with Tony Hawks, I was totally blown away by the graphics at the time. But the best launch game and pretty much the best launch game for any console ever had to be Fire Pro Wrestling! The joy of getting a "Critical" in FPW game on a handheld console was awesome.

Overall my favorite game on the GBA is still River City Ransom EX!

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I think it was one of my face console launches ever, i imported the white JP one on launch and got stung with a huge duty bill shortly after but playing f-zero was worth it even when i took it into work and a chap wiped the save as (obv) couldn't read the menus :facepalm:

I then remember the Tony Hawkes game, my god that was brilliant!

Love the GBA and still have one knocking about and my original f-zero game, i pretty much have a 3DS due to the GBA as it totally renewed a love for handheld gaming.

I never had a micro, must pick one up really and relive the GBA love!

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