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A tribute to the Space Marine


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Cool! :)

Looking at those, I'll still say next to James Bond, the Master Chief is the coolest character ever to grace a FPS game, everyone else are mere pretenders. 'Greatest Ever Space Marine in a videogame' award goes to Mr Chief.

I'm not sure wether or not this is because you can actually SEE your character in Halo (in vehicles) whereas in most others you don't. We already KNOW what 'Bond' looks like, and we like him - so it worked well.

I'll leave that for the beard strokers and Pooles of the forum to work out.

In the meantime, and just for Bomber, lets hear it for Nintendo... yay!






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*shakes head*

A friend of mine plays with these. When I say friend I mean I met him once for a few seconds until he told me he was a war-gamer. I soon walked away.

I have the misfortune of having to catch a bus outside a Games Workshop.

All those overweight teenagers in greasy black T-shirts. Urghh

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Once, I met this chap who looked pretty similar to Phelan, actually it might've been him himself. He told me he liked videogames. I said "what are you, 6?" laughed in his face and then ran away.

Haha! It was great. Glad I didn't become friends with someone who likes something like videogames. Awful people they are.

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No, this one.


Ah! Of course. Nope, instead I'll taunt you with the shelf that sits above the very computer I'm typing on, you being a big Nintendophile and all, thought you might like my collection.


Mario lego from Hong Kong (along with the Hello kitty stuff I got in a market there), and 2 x Mario Kart 'Bit Char-G's (Yoshi and Mazza) from Japan, and Zelda, Mario and DK Pez dispensers from... can't remember.

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