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And Alien was brilliant as well. Starts slow, then all the stuff with Ripley running, the cuts getting quicker, that insane howling score building up along with the feeling of claustrophobia until a mentally batshit montage of horror in the last twenty seconds as the sound goes haywire- even watching it right now, it both puts the shits up me and makes me want to see the film again.

This one is stunning.

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In retrospect all the signs were there; Jar Jar Binks pratfalls, awful child actor, Natalie Portman sounding as if she was on valium, terrible new Yoda puppet. Didn't stop me watching this trailer about a dozen times the night it was released though.

Crikey. I've never gone back and watch the trailers again, but you're right. All the signs are there. I'm struggling to think how on earth that trailer hyped me up at the time....

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The Social Network trailer totally smashes it, it's an especially strange one for me as I really hate trailers that show you all of a film and when you've seen the movie you realise this has to be one of the worst offenders!

Really awesome though, has ups and downs, not just a one note hit.

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This is probably the best trailer I've seen in recent years:

I remember I saw an ad on the Film4 channel where they promoted the showing of the Swedish TGWTDT movie by remaking that trailer with footage from the original film and the Led Zeppelin version of the song. It was pretty clever.

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