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I don't normally like to whore my own sites, but some of you may like the content of this one. It all originated from a thread on the something awful forums a while ago, and I just made a site to compile them all in the same place. People are submitting new ones every day. The site includes desktop wallpaper such as the following (this is a scaled down thumbnail of the 1600x1200 original) :


Please feel free to contribute your own. Creating them usually requires an emulator, an image manipulation program and a lot of patience.


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I like it... please tell me you have Mario World ones...

We have Yoshi's Island, Mario 2 and Mario 3 ones thus far. I'll see if I can get someone to make a Super Mario World one. Or I may make it myself.

And the award for making my day goes to...


:D Thankyouthankyouthankyou :P

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A very nice, neat, well designed little site (unlike nearly all other games related sites out there).

Some nice desktops too, though I think my dock would obscure the images on most of the ones I like :-(

(and I'd either have to resize them or get a bigger monitor)

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good god these are amazing. i'll be making my own shortly. any requests?

Wonderboy, ideally of the Mega Drive games... ;)


I'm currently using the Sub Zero MKII one. Aces.

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