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Hmm, I'm sure I posted earlier asking if you could put labels or hints on the banner things at the top that keep changing - I guess my post must have got lost.

I keep seeing the banner bit at the top and thinking it looks great - but I then don't know what the game is.


Thank you - having them as links is super ace!

You are super ace!

The whole site is super ace!

(and I'm super ace for the suggestion too!)

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Our whole server was hacked and every site on the server was compromised (such as my own personal site). As such we have stopped the httpd and mysqld until we can figure out how it was exploited. As this is the holidays (and the two of my friends that are mostly responsible for the running of the server are in America) getting the site up may take longer than usual. Nothing was lost as far as I know. I'll see if I can get ftp re-enabled so that I can finish the back up I was doing (they turned off webservices whilst I was doing this).

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

Damn those hacking bastards to hell.

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.::: Dragging an old thread back to the living; but I just found an interesting link.

Funny I intended to make the Metroid-one myself in practically the same fashion. (although maybe with 'real' sized smaller pixels)

Polygon; maybe you could contact the dear lad to add these to your site?

Maybe he understands English with a bit of luck. :wub:

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