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RPL Rovers - Season 14

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Chris is on holiday this week and should be back next week (going by his post a few pages back). It means we could be quite tight for the last 2 weeks if all the maybes end up not making it. Should still be able to get a solid team out. As bold as it may seem we are still in with a shout for the title so every player counts :)

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Aye but we're missing the drunken Irishman tomorrow and the super scot (me) is missing next week. Chris is AWOL with "work" and John Kirk may or may not make it for either week.

That means you'll be 3 maybe 4 down for the last two weeks.

Definately missing as away in London tomorrow, most likely can play next Thursday depends if I get any early friday morning appointments but okay so far.

Good luck tomorrow boys.

Ps. Is joffy playing or not, he can take my CB position if he didnt like RB?



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Well guys we can bemoan our bad luck and shitty bounces but the fact remains, we were terrible last night. I probably had my worst games of the season at the back and practically cost us the 2nd game with the red-card. I thought I had the LCB instead of the LB but I shouldn't be really sliding in the box like that. They missed the open net to :facepalm: . Tommy and Mardigan's passing would have been sensational last night if we wore green shirts :P and we simply gave Johnny to much defending to do by losing possesion in silly areas of the pitch. Despite this we probably should have got a draw from the first match but Town defended well in the 2nd half.

Just a bad day at the office really, it happens :)

Just Utd left so next week we will mix-it up a bit and try and have a laugh whilst going out on a high!

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Can I play up front next week boss? If I do it means my passing will be kept to a minimum as all I will be doing is taking a touch and then shooting :) some real slack play last night and took a lot of options that I shouldnt have... still got an assist though :eyebrows:

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