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BAP predictions

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Shocked and outraged that there is no new thread for this? Well de-shock and un-outrage yourself right now!

Following on from past few seasons formula, we want:

- 6 teams in finishing order

- Golden boot winner

- The club/individuals involved in the first 'gate' of the season

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1st - Athletic : Gotta aim high!

2nd - Town : The cup win will inspire them to keep pushing.

3rd - Wanderers : Cheapskates are missing an Irish RB/CB kinda guy.

4th - United : By predicting them to be 4th, I expect them to finally challenge.

5th - Rovers : Chaos. With a large amount of change it'll be tough for them to get their act together at the start of the season.

6th - City : Too big a ship to turn around in a single season

Usual disclaimer: Any of the top 4 could win it. The bottom two are closer than ever, but still a ways behind the other 4 teams.

Golden Boot - Sean

Gate - Rovers. Always Rovers.

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Ireland-Flag.png1st Town - Ireland? Oh Pompey, you have your ways of surprising me with team selections! I'll happily let Whelan score if you play him though. Your epic squad will carry you to the top regardless this time.

Ecuador-Flag.png2nd Wanderers - With much of the old team still here, especially keeping the four guys from the back and Tris up top, back-to-back titles are certainly a possibility but I'll not start getting too greedy just yet.

Switzerland-Flag.png3rd United - Not sure on the Swiss myself - stats-wise I loved the look of them on paper, but on the field I couldn't make them click as well as some of the others. Tyler knows what he's doing with selections, mind.

Austria-Flag.png4th Athletic - Interesting one this - I found Austria to be a solid team and were fairly high on my list, but their hulking style doesn't seem to match the Athletic mould to me. They could go either way in all honesty, but I'm predicting down..

Sweden-Flag.png5th City - I didn't really try out Sweden at all due to us being 6th pick, but to be honest I think the team is an irrelevance due to the much-improved squad Charlie has built. Progress.

Norway-Flag.png6th Rovers - Norway being by far my pick of the six teams won't be enough to see Sith's side maintain 5th as they drop behind a rejuvenated City.

I'll edit in my golden boot choice later on. I want to say Outsider but I can't see who it's going to be able to do it with...

No gates again this season please :hug:

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1st Utd - Surely its about time they won the league again and the Swiss look a decent team.

2nd Atheltic - I can see Sean getting bags of goals with their giant striker if he gets the service.

3rd Town - The best squad in the league but I feel the crappy Irish will stop from winning the league.

4th Wanderers - Again look strong but Ecuador could be too weak to be challengers.

5th City - There is no way we will be bottom today , Steely will bring us the creativity we lacked so much last season.

6th Rovers - Well someone has to finish last.

Golden Boot - Tyler

Gate - Sadly none I expect as thats all a bit quiet these days on that front.

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Ecuador-Flag.png1st Wanderers - Ecuador are a very nice team, didn't think there was any chance of them going down to us, and we have eight of the ten men that won the title last season, no brainer.

Switzerland-Flag.png2nd United - Can't mess it up every season.

Austria-Flag.png3rd Athletic - Austria are beasts, and the quality core of the team remains, top three despite Sean.

Ireland-Flag.png4th Town - Big changes in the personnel, and Ireland didn't get close to my top 6 teams, thought they missed a trick by not taking Greece, the team they won their only title with.

Sweden-Flag.png5th City - Looking at the team of retained players, i was surprised by the quality throughout, hampered with low fund in the auction and has to prove what his players can do as a team, but it would not suprise me for them to overtake Rovers, and maybe even another team.

Norway-Flag.png6th Rovers - Someone has to go bottom, and Rovers seem to have lost players more than gained players.

Golden Boot : Tris

Gate : United, a lot of big personalties and continued under performing.

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1. Town - Excellent squad and will no doubt have the 'luck of the Irish' that will help see us towards the title. :D

2. Wanderers - Great performance last season, retained a lot of their title winning squad and the Ecuadorians could spring a surprise.

3. Athletic - Did a great bit of business in the transfer market picking up Seany and they'll be challenging again, no doubt.

4. United - If they fire on all cylinders and keep that consistency going, then they could easily be vying for top spot, if not, then...

5. City - Always been a work-in-progress side, but I think Steely is the type of player they've been missing and hopefully, he can help shed City's wooden spoon tag and fire them up the table.

6. Rovers - Have acquired quite a few quality signings in the transfer window and could easily be challenging as well. Someone has to finish bottom though sadly, sorry guys.

Golden Boot: Outsider.

Gates? There will be no gates.

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Norway-Flag.png/Sweden-Flag.png/Austria-Flag.png/Switzerland-Flag.png/Ecuador-Flag.png1st - Rovers/City/Athletic/United/Wanderers

Ireland-Flag.png2nd - Town

Norway-Flag.png/Sweden-Flag.png/Austria-Flag.png/Switzerland-Flag.png/Ecuador-Flag.png3rd - Rovers/City/Athletic/United/Wanderers

Norway-Flag.png/Sweden-Flag.png/Austria-Flag.png/Switzerland-Flag.png/Ecuador-Flag.png4th - Rovers/City/Athletic/United/Wanderers

Norway-Flag.png/Sweden-Flag.png/Austria-Flag.png/Switzerland-Flag.png/Ecuador-Flag.png5th - Rovers/City/Athletic/United/Wanderers

Norway-Flag.png/Sweden-Flag.png/Austria-Flag.png/Switzerland-Flag.png/Ecuador-Flag.png6th - Rovers/City/Athletic/United/Wanderers

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Austria-Flag.png1st Athletic - Last season Athletic missed tris's goals but, with a largely unchanges back line and jammin providing service to Outsider and Sean, I can see them rocketing back to the top

Ireland-Flag.png2ndTown - Super solid squad but not sure about Ireland, if the new guys can gel and Little joe gets the goals then they will be in the mix again.

Ecuador-Flag.png3rd Wanderers - Their squad remains unchanged but they had a strong team in the US last season and I'm not sure on Ecuador

Switzerland-Flag.png4th United - Last season united conceeded a lot of goals, if we can shore up the back then we have the fire power going forward and could finish 2nd-4th

Sweden-Flag.png5th City - a building team now with added steele

Norway-Flag.png6th Rovers - Use this Sith to prove us all wrong :)

Golden Boot : Sean

Gate : Drop off in interest before the move to FIFA 12

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Ireland-Flag.png1st Town - I said they had the strongest squad last season and I'll say it again.

Austria-Flag.png2nd Athletic - Mike saw the gap Tris had left and with Sean a heading machine, aided by a 6'8" weapon there's not much anyone can do to stop Athletic's return to the top. Two.

Ecuador-Flag.png3rd Wanderers - The same title winning formula remains but the USA turned out to be the team last season. Will have little to fend off the bigger teams with Ecuador but will do damage with their pace.

Sweden-Flag.png4th City - When I look at the core of their team, I'm a little confused they've been bottom for so long. With a bit of new blood I think they'll surprise this season.

Norway-Flag.png5th Rovers - Hard to judge the squad, they'll need the new faces to perform to do well this season.

Switzerland-Flag.png6th United - Finally time to predict with my head and not my heart. Fitting we picked the team with a first aid symbol as it's national flag.

Golden Boot: 6'8" or 6'6"

Gate: Week 4. Joe steals Timmo's ice-cream in the height of summer and blames it on Big Gus. Timmo confronts Gus and gets knocked spark out. Merked bruv.

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Austria-Flag.png1st Athletic - Jamin rebooted. Outsider+Sean.

Switzerland-Flag.png2nd United - Tobert brings the glue.

Ireland-Flag.png3rd Town - Have a suspicion they'll struggle for goals but won't lose many.

Sweden-Flag.png4th City - City's all-time great returns and refuses to finish bottom.

Ecuador-Flag.png5th Wanderers - Ecuador? :facepalm:

Norway-Flag.png6th Rovers - Also-ran.

Golden Boot: Sean... because he probably won't pass to Outsider.

Gate: "Steely Putsch" - After many weeks of fan unrest, club favourite Steely appoints himself as 'Director of Football' at the Club. Charliemouse is moved 'upstairs' but retains his defunct managerial title.

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1st = Town. After a treble of runners-up medals, surely this is going be our year. On paper it looks as through we'll miss Sean's goals but last season we didn't score that many more than usual. And of course 8 of those came in one match against United…

2nd = Athletic. With Sean up-front I expect a return to the free scoring Athletic of old.

3rd = Wanderers. Quality all over the pitch, will be another strong season.

4th = Rovers. Most are predicting a breakthrough for City this season, but I think Rovers will surprise a few people. They had a terrible end to last season, but until the last few weeks it looked as if they would challenge United for fourth. They will do better this time around.

5th = United. They've just had one of their worst ever seasons and I think the slide will continue.

6th = City. Steely isn't the player he was in FIFA 09. 'Never go back' and all that…

Golden boot = Sean

Gate = Timmo&Joe-gate.

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Ecuador-Flag.png1st Wanderers - Ecuador have a crazy fast attack, and a crazy small defence. Mack did solidly at the auction though and their squad is perhaps the best, so I expect them to just edge home.

Austria-Flag.png2nd Athletic - Feed the giants and they will score. Lots.

Ireland-Flag.png3rd Town - Question marks for me over Ireland, but you can't argue with the strength of the individuals at the club.

Switzerland-Flag.png4th United - Tyler's final season as a United player?

Sweden-Flag.png5th City - Steely powered City will be bottom no longer.

Norway-Flag.png6th Rovers - Sith's eternal bad luck will condemn his side to 20 straight defeats due to FIFA-isms.

Golden Boot: Outsider_L_99

Gate: Tobert-gate - Spotted in a Town replica shirt whilst missing a week of BAP 'away on business', United's new signing will be cast to the dogs.

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Ireland-Flag.png1st Town Best squad and even with a dodgy team pick will win it at a canter

Austria-Flag.png2nd Athletic A force to be reckoned with. Will demolish some teams with high scoring wins

Ecuador-Flag.png3rd Wanderers 1 hit wonders?

Switzerland-Flag.png4th United Wincho's final season at the helm. Wholesale changes on the horizon next season?

Sweden-Flag.png5th City Start of the turnaround. Steely dawn

Norway-Flag.png6th Rovers The new City

Golden boot - Sean (unstoppable with Janko)

Gate - Sith

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Austria-Flag.png1st Athletic - With the two leading goal scorers of last season and Jamin delivering the goods, I think Athletic will be back on top form this season.

Ecuador-Flag.png2nd Wanderers - We've kept most of the winning squad and with the introduction of Ricky we should be right up there with a chance of winning again.

Ireland-Flag.png3rd Town - Great players that came so close last season.

Switzerland-Flag.png4th United - For some reason it just hasn't clicked for the last couple of seasons. They have the talent though so anything is possible.

Sweden-Flag.png5th City - I'm hoping Steely's return will boost the team and raise their profile. Like I said before, if anyone can, Steely can.

Norway-Flag.png6th Rovers - I feel sorry for Sith. We had some great matches last season and they definitely have the ability just not the luck. If that changes anything can happen.

Golden Boot: Tough one, I'm going Tyler.

Gate: None really. If anyone then Rovers.

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1st Athletic - Maybe a blip last season? could easily bounce back.

2nd Wanderers - Amazing manager with pretty much the same squad and 2 nice new signings. Have faith Rogue :)

3rd Town - Great squad of players and Timmo, will defo be in top three and could easily win the title.

4th Rovers - Not convinced that Rovers are as doomed as everyone thinks.

5th United - Very disappointed with the gameplan of not turning up in the last 2 games of the season! Basically Town/Athletic didn't stand a chance of winning the league, the three horse race as it should have been was killed off. Nothing we could do but beat them like we would have anyway. A sly sly team with a few players I've lost respect for and deserve to win nothing.

6th City - I think City could do well in future seasons but not just yet.

Golden Boot - Evil Sean

Gate - maybe UTD?

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1. Athletic - Austria are strong and the heading machines upfront are phenomenal. Lots of goals i'm sure.

2. Wanderers - They won last season.

3. Town - Ireland???

4. United - Let Steely go, wtf.

5. City - Steely lifts them off top!

6. Rovers - Oh dear.

Golden Boot: Tris

Gate: Athletic (when i back out because Outsider scored more than me)

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5th United - Very disappointed with the gameplan of not turning up in the last 2 games of the season! Basically Town/Athletic didn't stand a chance of winning the league, the three horse race as it should have been was killed off. Nothing we could do but beat them like we would have anyway. A sly sly team with a few players I've lost respect for and deserve to win nothing.

Pilotwings in unjustified accusation shocker.

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He may be talking about the fact that Baring and Steely were not able to make the final week of the season or that Gus, Manic (and Mitch?) dropped very early in the games.

What I can assure him of is that the players that did play were that shit every week. There was nothing special about the final two games that hadn't been apparent all season (check our goal difference for proof!)

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