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RPL Wanderers - Season 14


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Welcome to the title holders dressing room, as you can see we are now located in Ecuador. We also have two new Ecuadorians, full line up:

Mackenie (M)

Dan (ass)









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Like me, you all probably know very little about Ecuador - the country, its culture, history and people. Here, then, are some interesting Ecuador facts, exhaustively researched in the interest of team spirit and togetherness.


Anti-clockwise, from top left:

* Most Ecuadorian female football fans whose pictures appear on the internet are deeply, deeply unattractive.

* Not true for Ecuadorian women on the whole, though - see Miss Ecuador 2010.

* Ecuador is the most biodiverse country in the world (in terms of species per km2). The Galapagos Islands help.

* Ecuador have an awfully good national football team. Yes.

* Mount Chimborazo is the highest peak in Ecuador, an inactive volcano.

* Ecuadorian football fans are fond of tea cosies. Probably a woman.

* Illegal cocaine export is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, rapidly approaching near neighbours Colombia in terms of output.

* Llamas have been domesticated in Ecuador for more than three centuries. I like Llamas.

I think we're all slightly better people now for knowing these things.

Public service announcement ends.

Back to serious business - great work, Mack, in managing to keep the bulk of last season's squad together. Welcome to the new guys, and looking forward to getting things underway again. Here's to another successful league campaign!

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Sorry guys I was in a daze when Athletic put them 2 early goals past us. First one was my sloppy pass which sadly led to the goal, second goal wasn't really my fault! I got trampled by a giant when trying to head it clear.Thats what happens with zero practise, did play a lot better from then on.

Trigg and Ricky played great I thought.

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Two wins to start off our defence was the aim, and that was the end result, it wasn't all plain sailing though.

bap_5.gif RPL Rovers 1 - 2 RPL Wanderers bap_6.gif

#Tommy O.G. - A. Ricky

#Dan - A. Tris

Well, a bad night for the servers, with this game played in three parts. First up, we managed to get a full half in before myself, as the any, dropped. In that time we managed to take the lead through an O.G., after putting pressure on Rovers for most of the half. With the restart Rovers immediatly took advantage and equalised. Halfway through the restart, Tris scored a beauty solo effort, just for the goal to be chalked of after finding out Rovers any dropped just before. Onto the last quarter of the game, and Dan came online just intime to join us, which proved to be vital as he grabbed the winner with a fine finished, after a lucky bounce from Tris's effort. Moments before Rovers could, and probably should have taken the lead, Supercat through 1on1, but couldn't make it count.

Players MOTM


The voting was really tight on this MOTM, with myself, Dan, Pilot and Rogue picking up a vote, and Trigg taking the award down with two. A fully deserved MOTM for our debut RB, he put in a really good perfomance as one of the new components in this defence, the defence which was probably responsible for our title. Well played pal.


6.png Rogue Soul

96.png sixbuttons

79.png tris3d

bap_6.gif RPL Wanderers 3 - 0 RPL Rovers bap_5.gif

#Tris - A. Dan

#Tris - A. Ricky

#Dan - A. Tris

We had no connection issues in this one, and with Dan in from the start, our front three were too much for Rovers. Three up in the first 30 mins or so, and we probably should of went on to get more. Still, a great showing up top, and at the back with our first clean sheet of hopefully many to come.

Players MOTM


Another tight one, with Tris and Dan just losing out by a vote to Trigg, who once again did everything right and had a big part in our clean sheet. With Tris scoring two and setting up one, it shows just how well Trigg must of played to take this MOTM down, glad to have you onboard, keep up the good work.


86.png Trigg

4.png Mackenie

79.png tris3d

Running stats:

Outstanding DEF awards
Trigg: : #
Rogue : #

Outstanding MID awards
Mack : #
Buttons : #

Outstanding ATT awards
Tris : ##

Players MotM awards
Trigg : ##

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