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RPL Wanderers - Season 14


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Game 1 vs Athletic (2-1)

Wanderers go two goals up before half time. An early goal from Athletic in the second half = squeekybumtime for the remainder of the game.

Game 2 vs Athletic (1-2)

Athletic score early to put Wanderers under pressure. Mackenie rallies the troops to battle back to 1-1 with a scruffy goal. And whilst thinking they really needed to win, RickyDVT (who was determined to nab 'at least' a goal for himself on the night) selfishly bagged a great winning goal. ECUADOR!

Athletic Opener

Wanderers Equalizer

Ricky's Winner


I'll try and sort out the Wanderers 'All Time' stats tomorrow... if I can't then definitely this weekend.

As for this season, it was fun but hard work. We often outplayed teams but never really got the scoreline to show for it - which did make it somewhat stressful at the back and no doubt frustrating up top. Tonight's result though should silence those who thought our season 13 title win was a bit dubious (thanks to United's end of season antics). With our 'last pick' team Ecuador... and 'carrying' RickyDVT upfront ;) ... we went on a 10-game undefeated streak to win the title. You can't snub that! :hat:

With it being my final season in the BAP league, I'm chuffed to bow out as a title winner. Thanks Guys!

Oh and as for next season... good luck and DON'T sign TIMMO! (Poor fella!)

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Nice one chaps - well done


Ireland-Flag.png1st Town Best squad and even with a dodgy team pick will win it at a canter

Ecuador-Flag.png3rd Wanderers 1 hit wonders?

Amazing season lads! two really tough games against Athletic tonight. Thanks for the 3 seasons mac :hat: top manager! good luck next season with the auction/games.

Great goal at the end Ricky! and great orgasmic sounds coming through my TV in your praccy games, not your private 1v1 game with Tris :lol:

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guys, who got the other yellow in that second game? i got the first one.

Thanks for the 3 seasons mac :hat: top manager! good luck next season with the auction/games.

Shame to see you go, your contribution over the last few seasons has been massive, including tonight when you stepped up and took the CB for us, which could very well be the reason we lifted the trophy. Not sure where i will find another quality utility man, thought i hear Charlie might be available.

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Another one in the bag!!!!!

and trigg, we missed you in defence but guess what, i scored in our second win with your player :)

Champions again baby, comiserations town who took us all the way, you don't deserve not to have won the title on fifa 11.

Really? You know I fancied a goal too ;)

Well done again lads, nice to go out as a winner!

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Congratulations, boys. Great results, and another well deserved title. :hat::wub:

Apologies again for another unplanned absence from me. Absolutely gutted to have missed the action, but it sounds (again) like you didn't miss me. Hopefully by the time next season rolls around I might have removed some of the chaos from my life and will be able to play more of a part.

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Wanderers Stat Update:

RPL Wanderers

Club History



Rllmuk BAP League

Champions: Season 13 & Season 14.

Athletico Cup

Winners: Season 12.

Biggest Wins

1. 05/08/10 RPL City 2 - 7 RPL Wanderers (Season 10)

2. 19/08/10 RPL Wanderers 7 - 2 RPL Athletic (Season 10)

3. 28/06/09 RPL City 1 - 5 RPL Wanderers (Season 5)

Biggest Defeats

1. 29/10/09 RPL Wanderers 0 - 10 RPL City (Season 7)

2. 05/11/09 RPL Wanderers 1 - 9 RPL United (Season 7)

3. 24/09/09 RPL Athletic 9 - 1 RPL Wanderers (Season 6)

Most Games Won in Row: 4 (Season 12)

Most Games Lost in Row: 12 (Season 6)

Most Games Without Losing: 10 (Season 14)

Most Games Without Winning: 12 (Season 6)

Most No. of Cleansheets in a Season: 7 (Season 13)

Most No. of Goals Scored During a Season: 53 goals (Season 10)

Lowest No. of Goals Scored During a Season: 17 (Season 6)

Most No. of Goals Conceded During a Season: 100 goals (Season 6)

Lowest No. of Goals Conceded During a Season: 22 goals (Season 13)

Best Goal Difference at the End of a Season: 18 (Season 13)

Worst Goal Difference at the End of a Season: -83 (Season 6)

Top League Goalscorers [in a single season]

1. dan_tm: 16 goals (Season 12)

2. 54MO: 13 goals (Season 13)

3. tris3d: 13 goals (Season 9)

Top League Assists [in a single season]

1. Mackenie: 17 assists (Season 12)

2. dan_tm: 13 assists (Season 12)

3. tris3d: 10 assists (Season 14)

Most League Goals for Club [All-time]

1. tris3d: 38 goals

2. dan_tm: 29 goals

3. Mackenie: 26 goals

Most Club Assists [All-time] (from Season 12)

1. dan_tm: 31 assists

2. Mackenie: 30 assists

3. tris3d: 18 assists

Worst Discipline [All-time]

1. BladeyInc: 4 Reds, 2 Yellows

2. Disciple: 3 Reds, 9 Yellows

3. sixbuttons: 0 Reds, 5 Yellows

Time Spent at Club [Club Leg Ends]

5 Seasons – Rogue Soul

4 Seasons – Dewranger, Disciple, Mackenie, Pilotwings, Scratch, Sixbuttons

3 Seasons – Br00n, dan_tm, Hannay, Joffy, Matthius, PoppaLarge, RickyDVT, Ryanski, tris3d

Best Club Managers

Win Ratio

1. Mackenie 61.67% (60 games)

2. Joffy 32.50% (40 games)

3. PoppaLarge 15% (20 games)

4. Bradigor 12.5% (40 games)

5. RickyDVT 10% (40 games)

Best Eleven (All Time)

Based on performance during a single season - minimum of 5 appearances per position - a player can only be picked for one position.

RB Trigg 16 apps / 7.33 [season 14]

CB Rogue Soul 13 apps / 7.91 [season 14]

CB Somethingwitty 20 apps / 7.55 [season 13]

LB Matthius 9 apps / 7.66 [season 14]

DM Sixbuttons 2 goals / 2 assists / 20 apps / 7.46 [season 14]

CM Mackenie 12 apps / 6 assists / 7.62 [season 13]

CM Stephen129 2 goals / 2 assists / 13 apps / 7.72 [season 13]

ATT tris3d 13 goals / 10 assists / 20 apps / 8.23 [season 14]

ATT Baring 10 goals / 11 apps / 8.14 [season 10]

ATT dan_tm 16 goals / 11 assists / 14 apps / 8.79 [season 12]

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Cup tonight, our matches will likely not be until around 9:50pm, but i'll be on from 9pm having a look at Ecuador in fifa 12. Not sure on the lineup, if any of the defenders want to play further up than give me a shout. This is for prize money tonight. and Wanderers have never won this before, so bring your A Game.

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